The Halloween Edition

I've been waiting (im)patiently to get to today's post. Seeing our costumes hanging in wait for the last week has been pure torture. So, without further ado…

1. The 2014 costume reveal…
I was shocked at just how well Marcus did with his costume. And all the pieces that make it complete. Fingers crossed we can keep all those pieces in tact - and on - while we make the Trick or Treating rounds tonight.

2. The mastermind and seamstress behind the costumes:
Thanks Grandma Kathy for creating one-of-a-kind Mickey and Minnie!
(Seriously, how did I not pick up a single ounce of my mom's creative talent? She can create these beautiful pieces of clothing, and I struggle to simply sew a button on a shirt.) 

3. I know, I know. Baseball is old news, but I just love this picture.
If you follow me on any other social media outlet you've seen this. 

4. These two.
Marcus and his friend Natasha have become best buddies. It is the sweetest to watch them play and interact with one and other. Yesterday we were at a park and they held hands, unprompted by either mom, and then basically asked to be photographed. My heart my have melted more than once.

5. Tomorrow we have family pictures scheduled with a photographer whose work I absolutely adore. Here's a look at one of my favorites captured from last year's session.
Though our session is scheduled smack dab in the middle of nap time I have faith our session will go well. (I foresee lots of Halloween candy bribing in my future…) 

Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


A Royal Season

Wow. The World Series. Who knew baseball could be so emotional? Certainly not this gal.

But, let's rewind just a bit. Simply for the sake of documentation.
This past Saturday Scott and I made the 6.5 hour drive to San Francisco to watch Game 4.

When we arrived to AT&T Park it was impossible to ignore the energy and electricity surrounding the entire place. It was as if the stadium had come alive, and we were there, in the midst of it all, experiencing it.
Seeing AT&T Park on TV is nothing like actually being there. Forever and ever I will always  love me some Kauffman Stadium, but this park was pretty unbelievable, and there was no denying that.
 How cool is it to look into center and left and see the bay?! I'll tell you, it's pretty freaking cool.
 It was also pretty surreal to see the World Series logo on the field. In real life. With the Royals.
Obviously the stadium was filled with Giants fans, but it was impressive to see just how many Royals fans dotted that sea of orange and black. There was even an entire section in blue, and they were LOUD.
I wanted so badly to join that blue group. It would have been even more magical to be surrounded by fellow Royals fans.

The actual game… Well, it was pretty great through the fourth inning, when we were leading 4-0. Then, it kind of all went to Hell in a hand basket. Without going into all the agonizing details, we watched as the 4-0 lead was blown, and the final score was Royals - 4 Giants - 11. Ouch. 

Clearly the end score wasn't what we had hoped it would be. BUT, words cannot express what it was like to be there to experience, be apart of, the World Series
See the faint rainbow in the bay (left third of the picture)? I think it's a sign. We won't be flooded with 29 more years of Royals heartache and World Series-less seasons.
Fast forward back to last night…
Though our Boys in Blue fell to the Giants last night in Game 7, the Royals certainly did something this entire season - not just Games 1-7 of the Series - that hasn't been done in 29 years; they brought the love of baseball back to Kansas City and back to the loyal fans.

To the Royals, thank you so much for a phenomenal season. We can wait to see what 2015 brings!

#BeLoyal #BeRoyal



I really want to talk about the World Series, how awesome last night's game was, our trip to San Francisco to watch Game 4, and how the Royals and Giants are tied up at 3 apiece. But, I'm afraid if I go on too much I'll jinx the good vibes flowing through Kansas City and Kauffman Stadium right now.

Instead, I'll show pictures of the pumpkins we've carved this week.
These two were the pumpkins we picked from the Pumpkin Patch
After looking at the two jack-o-lanterns for about 14 hours I had to add a third. If there's anything my mom and Aunt Sharon taught me about decorating (be it on your mantel or front stoop), it's that everything looks better in odd numbers.

I marched into our grocery store and bought a third pumpkin. Side note: grocery store pumpkins are WAAAAAY cheaper than pumpkin patch pumpkins.

This became pumpkin three.
And, all of them set up on the stoop…
See, three looks better than two. Right?

With all that being said, GO ROYALS! TAKE THE CROWN! 
In order to keep everything as similar to yesterday as possible - because, you know, sports superstitions and whatnot - those clothes are currently in the washer getting ready for their second consecutive day of wearing.
Are your pumpkins carved? And, an even more important question, who are you cheering for tonight in Game 7?


The Painted Jack-o-Lantern // Fall Bucket List

There have been so many cute fall toddler-friendly arts and crafts floating around the Internet lately, and I was getting a little bummed out by them all. Not because I didn't think they were cute, or creative, or fun. In fact, I thought all those things. What was bumming me out was the fact that my own toddler has all of zero interest in most arts and crafts. Try as I might, none of my cute little artsy ideas has ever captivated Marcus in the slightest.

Then Courtney posted a simple craft that I thought just might bring out the Picasso in Marcus, as well as be the perfect project for our Fall Bucket List.

Like most crafts that I've planned, I set out all the necessary supplies during nap time. I didn't hold my hopes too high, I didn't want to be totally crushed, as I had so many crafts before.
After the pumpkin, paints, and brushes were neatly lined up I took some painters tape and cut out different shapes to be used.

When Marcus woke I had him choose the painters tape shapes he wanted to use for jack-o-lantern eyes, as well as choosing from different styles of jack-o-lantern mouths. 
Marcus kept things very traditional. 

Then, I handed over the paint and paint brushes and held my breath as I sent up prayers that this project would go well.
To my utmost surprise and delight Marcus went to town painting his pumpkin. The only bit I helped with was making sure the jack-o-lantern face had plenty of paint surrounding it, so when the paint was dry and the tape pulled the face would appear. The rest Marcus took full liberty of himself. 

There was even a singular moment of finger painting. 
But let's not totally fool ourselves. That moment of finger painting lasted all of three seconds, and then the request to be cleaned up came immediately after. Someday we'll finger paint. Someday

Thrilled doesn't even touch how I felt about this little project and how well it panned out. The final product has graced our kitchen table ever since completion. 
There will come a day when arts and crafts will be a thing in our house. But for now we're celebrating our painted jack-o-lantern - the only successful craft project we've ever attempted. 

How is your Fall Bucket List coming along? Be sure to link up below with Stephanie, Elizabeth and myself, and let us know what you've been up to!
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Happy Marcus Monday!

Two years and seven months. 
How fast the time goes when you're having so much fun.

Happy Monday!


Chiefs, Royals, Red, and a Halloween Sneak Peek

Another eventful week in the books. I have some packing to do, so let's get right to this week's top five!

1. Chieeeeeeefs!!!!
Last Sunday Scott and I made the trip down to San Diego to see the Chiefs play the Chargers. I'm probably a little biased, but no stadium compares to Arrowhead. But, it was an awesome experience, and the Chiefs clenched a victory!

2. While we were cheering on the Chiefs Marcus was spending time with this lady…
Grandma Dudding is in town!! We've also managed to convince her to stay an extra few days so Scott and I can head to the World Series game in San Fran.
What would we do without grandmas? Seriously.

3. Speaking of World Series, I still can't believe this is actually happening.
We'll be cheering our hearts out tonight, at home, for Game 3. And tomorrow we'll be cheering our hearts out for the Royals in San Francisco, at.the.game!! Is this real life?!!!

4. Our week wouldn't have been complete without a trip to the aquarium. We even managed to  convince Grandma to buy a season pass, too.
With all the different marine life to check out there's just something so cool about the jellyfish.

5. Running my miles [RED].
Running to raise money for an AIDS free generation.
The campaign only lasts through December 7, so if you haven't pledge you still have time! To make your pledge and start running your miles [RED] click HERE and make your miles do more!

BONUS: Here's a little peek at our Halloween costumes - courtesy of Grandma Dudding's crazy sewing skills.
Forgive the poor image quality, I was working with a cell phone camera and extreme zooming.

Have a great weekend!!


A Fresh Look

This little ol' blog of mine has come quiet a ways since my very first post. From my writing to the photography, to the actual layout of this space, it has all changed, grown, and if I'm being honest, gotten better.

I've been toying with the idea of making yet another change to the look of my little piece of the Internet. Something fresh, clean, fun. I'm on the search for the perfect look and the perfect blog designer (because Lord knows I know nothing about code and what actually goes into making a blog look like it does).

What I'm also in desperate need of is a new blog button and intro picture. The ones I currently have are incredibly outdated, and I'm not loving them.

I haven't found a blog design I like, nor have I found the right person to help me make it happen (anyone know of a good - reasonably priced - blog designer??), but I did find the right outfit to wear for a potential button and intro picture. Thankfully I also had a cute 2-year old to assist me in my picture taking (because those solo photos felt really weird and unnatural. I'm not a fashion blogger, and for good reason).
When I was trying to decide exactly what to wear for this new blog look I'm hoping to achieve I couldn't find a thing in my closet. I was looking for something cute, but not too young; something dressy, but not too formal. There wasn't a thing that fit my needs.

Then I was introduced to eShakti.com, and their wide variety and selection of adorable, quality made clothes. As I was browsing their selection I fell in love with so many items. It was easy to see that my blog button and intro picture clothing choice would be taken care of.
Not only was the selection of clothing impressive, I was thrilled to see I could customize my dress to fit my shape. From standard sizing to custom sizing, sleeve length, and even skirt length, it can be done to fit every figure (may it be noted I have a very long torso and practically zero bust, finding a top that isn't a million sizes too big just so it will cover my entire torso is a real challenge). Never in all my shopping excursions (and there have been plenty of those in my life) have I ever had a chance or choice to make the clothing totally mine, and fit perfectly. With eShakti I could, and it was so easy!
Several dresses I was interested in came in different fabric choices. Looking for poplin instead of cotton? No problem, that change was possible too.
Now that I have the right dress and a cute subject to accompany me, I just need to figure out the rest of this blog look. And, I need to narrow down these pictures and decide which one might work best for a button and intro pic.
To check out more awesome eShakti items head over to www.eShakti.com to see all the other fabulous dresses, skirts, tops, and jackets they have that can be customized.

When you find something you love (which I have no doubt you will) use the code MACKE to receive a 10% discount today (10/23) through November 23. AND, if you register with eShakti today you will receive a $25 gift coupon.

Now tell me, any of these photos seem worthy of a blog button?
Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a review of eShakti products on this blog. All statements and opinions are my own.


An Undies Update

I would hate to jinx our good fortune of an easy transition from diapers to big boy undies, but I can't help but want to document the progress. 

Almost exactly a month ago we took the plunge into potty training, and after three relatively easy, but accident prone days, we haven't looked back. 
In the last four weeks we've gone from a few minor accidents to no accidents at all.
Marcus has been incredibly consistent in letting us know when he needs to use the restroom. Often, he's not at all discreet with his announcement, which can make for some pretty entertaining glances from people when we're out and about. But, I'll take those comedic looks from strangers over wet pants and diapers any day of the week.
I have to add that Marcus continues to require assistance pulling his pants and underroos up and down, and he still wears a diaper during naps and bedtimes. However, more often than not Marcus will wake from his sleep and shout from his crib, "Mommmmmmmmy! I have to go potttttttty!" I can count on one hand how many times Marcus has woken from sleep with a wet diaper.
So, now that I feel we can successfully say we have a 98.2% potty trained toddler, can someone please tell me when toddlers start pulling their covers up, and covering themselves when they go to sleep? Because if I have to hear one more time, "Mommmmmy! Come cover me up!" I may have to burn every blanket we own….


RISE // Fall Bucket List


When I discovered there would be an epic display of Jack-o-lanterns near us with 5,000 Jack-o-lanterns it was impossible to pass up on the opportunity to see such a sight.

After the less than thrilling pumpkin patch experience I was a little concerned how this event would shake out, considering it didn't start until after normal bed-time for a certain 2-year old. Lucky for me, the Jack-o-lanterns did not disappoint. I had one very captivated little boy on my hands. Not to mention, Scott and I were pretty impressed as well.

Because there were literally 5,000 Jack-o-lanterns, I'll let the pictures do most of the describing…
The event lasts all month long, and nothing is done to preserve the pumpkins. So, the rotted pumpkins have to be replaced with fresh ones each week!
While most of the pumpkins are real, some of the carvings are done with Funkins. However, all Jack-o-lanterns are hand carved.
Some pumpkins take a few minutes to carve while others can take up to 20 hours!
Many of the jack-o-lanterns were what you would typically find on any front porch this time of year.
Marcus thought the colored lights in the pumpkins were just about the coolest things ever.
However, many of the displays were done by true artists.
Blooming flowers.
Extraterrestrial life and the planets.
This tree almost looked like a Christmas tree with the garland of pumpkins.
An homage to horror movies.
Some of the most famous movies and characters to ever grace the big screen.
A stroll down Hollywood Boulevard.
Of the thousands of pumpkins carved can you guess which one was Marcus' favorite? I'll give a hint, it's the one with the mouse.
My personal favorite.
There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
A little dino action.
Day of the Dead.
What's your Chinese zodiac? Apparently I'm a Pig.
To find out your sign click here.
Thanks for stopping by!
Obligatory family photo.
Oh my gosh, I'm still pining over these pictures, and my pictures didn't even capture a FRACTION of all that was carved into those pumpkins. There was an entire display of video game characters, a whole row of In Memoriam carvings from Hollywood actors who have passed away this year, a Humpty Dumpy display, and a few thousand others that I just couldn't get - because I was too busy trying to pick my jaw up off the floor, all the while take pictures, and keep up with Scott, Marcus, and our friend Barb who joined in the fun.

P.S. Did I mention this event also sells wine? We are so totally doing this again next year.

One more item checked off our Fall Bucket List.

What's been keeping your fall festive? Link up below with Stephanie, Elizabeth, and me, and let us know what bucket list items have been keeping you busy.
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