Our Kids

Let's not jump to gun too fast... :) We're not "mommy and daddy" yet, per se. But, in a way we kind of are.

With an attitude-filled Blue Point Himalayan, and a Chocolate Lab that resembles more of a horse than a dog, some days it does feel like we're doing parental duty.

Yesterday I was able to snap a few photos of our kids. Being the proud parent I am, I had to share their cute faces.

Drake and I took advantage of the exceptionally great weather and played with the Frisbee.

Awwww, waiting so patiently for me to throw the Frisbee.

Seala, also affectionately known as Pan-Face, doing what she does best.

Say the T-R-E-A-T word and they both come running.
With faces like those, it's easy to call them "kids."


Just Because

A few days ago I was surprised to open my front door to find these:
Receiving flowers, just because, is one of the sweetest things. I'd much rather receive flowers on a random day than to get them on days such as Valentine's Day.
Scott did a great job. And they opened up just in time for Easter!



I'll try to keep this from becoming a book report, but this book is just too good not to mention.

Unbroken, by Lauren Hillenbrand is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Scott, who reads a bit less than I do, read it in record time and really enjoyed it. Generally, I'm not one for non-fiction, but this book was impossible to set down.

A quick synapses:
The book is a true story about Louie Zamperini, a runner, who was projected to run break the first 4-minute mile in the Berlin Olympics. World War II happened and Louie joined the Air Force. During a flight Louie's plan crashes into the Pacific Ocean. The book goes on to tell about Louie's journey from the crash and his time spent in Japanese POW camps. The strength and courage behind this man is simply astonishing.


He Is Risen!

Easter was a little different this year, we weren't able to celebrate with family. However, we've been so blessed to meet such good friends, and we spent the day with them. We are so thankful we could spend such an important day with friends.
A bit blurry, but the church was so beautiful Easter Sunday.

Scott and I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!


A Week of Theater

While Scott was at his two week training in San Diego (and I wasn't visiting), I had a week to keep myself busy. My mom was kind enough to fly out and visit me, and we took full advantage of all the entertainment L.A. has to offer.

Our first stop was to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Usually I'm not a fan of Hollywood, and try to avoid it at all cost. However, the Pantages was an awesome theater. It felt like "old Hollywood."

Interior of Pantages Theater (photo courtesy of http://www.john-gates.com/).
The Pantages was the stage for Rain, a tribute to the Beatles. The singers were spot on, and sounded just like the Beatles! I'd suggest seeing Rain to any Beatles fan.

We also decided we'd see the Broadway play, God of Carnage. The cast consisted of only four performers: James Gandolfini (Tony, from The Sopranos), Jeff Daniels (from a plethora of movies, but my all time favorite being Dumb and Dumber), Marcia Gay Harden (from several movies, but most notably from Mystic River), and Hope Davis ("Mia" from In Treatment). The play was good - I'd never seen a play like this one; there were no change of scenes, no intermission, and not a peep of music.
 The cast (photo courtesy of http://www.hollywood.com/).

Since my mom is a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars, and since we live so close to The Grove - where the TV show Extra! is taped - we headed over to see Mario Lopez.
What Saved By the Bell fan isn't excited to see "Slater" up close?!

The woman he's interviewing is Rebecca Black. Apparently she's a big hit on YouTube with her song Friday.

We had a great time checking out new places around L.A., and experiencing more of what L.A. has to offer. And, here are just a few more reasons to visit L.A. and visit us!


A Change of Pace

A few weeks ago Scott had a two week training in San Diego. I figured I'd optimize his training and make it into a little get-away for us. I headed to San Diego one evening after work. Normally, it takes two hours to get to San Diego, however, leaving L.A. during rush hour *grrr* put me in San Diego three hours after my departure. It took me an hour to reach the freeway! Insane.

Courtesy of Scott's work, we stayed on Coronado Island, in a fantastic hotel that sat across the street from the famous Hotel Del Coronado.
Glorietta Bay Inn - the hotel we stayed in - this was originally the house of the man who built the Del.
The famous Hotel Del.
The Del - from the beach.

The only way to access the island, by car, is by crossing the Coronado Bridge.
 Pretty impressive.

Coronado was a fantastic change of pace from LA. Every place we went on the island was within walking distance of our hotel. The island felt like an actual community.
During our stay, we took advantage of some of the great things San Diego has to offer.

During the weekdays while Scott attended his training, I met up with my aunt, who lives in San Diego. We headed to one of my favorite spots in San Diego... Balboa Park. The park is simply amazing, and huge. There are museums galore, and it's such a beautiful place to spend the day.
The Park.
One of the many museums.

We attempted a Padres game. We made it through two innings, and then mother nature had other plans... Like postponing the game.
PetCo Park with hot coco in hand (it was shockingly cold for SoCal).

Scott and I made a trip to San Diego's Wild Animal Park. It's sort of like a zoo, but it's sort of not. There are all sorts of wild animals from all over the world, but these animals aren't caged like the animals found in zoos. Animals here have huge spaces, similar to their original habitats, for the animals to roam around in.

This little guy (it's not a baby Cheetah, but I can't remember what it is...) was near the entrance of the park. I wanted to take him home!
Photo courtesy of Scott - he found it hilarious.
Scott with one of the nations greatest symbols.
The Wild Animal Park has something that really sets it apart from zoos; there are huge areas designed to resemble different areas of the world. We took a tour through "Africa," and were treated to lunch with giraffes.  

Post Wild Animal Park we stopped at a winery. The wine was delicious, and the views spectacular.
Enjoying a nice glass of vino.
Open space and lots of land! Something we are severely deprived of.

San Diego was a much needed retreat from the day-to-day routine in the concrete jungle of L.A. It's amazing what a difference two hours can make.  



I'm still in pursuit of my "big girl" job in LA. But, for now I'm going to continue to soak up the perks of my current job (pun slightly intended:).

My company often has me going from one private pool to another, to teach the little tadpoles water safety, along with how to swim. The company also contracts out with several hotels around West LA. Last week I was sent to a couple hotels that were simply stunning.

The LUXE - A hotel that can be found downtown, as well as off Sunset Boulevard. This location below is off Sunset. This pool is nestled in the hills, right off the crazy 405 freeway and super busy Sunset. Upon arrival, the hustle and bustle of the city immediately fall by the way-side.

As soon as I realized I had the pool to myself, I thought I'd snap a quick picture of the calm amidst all the craziness of LA. 

The second pool I was fortunate to venture to was The Montage. This amazing hotel is located just two blocks from Rodeo Drive. I stuck out like a sore thumb, in my swim suit and pool toys, among those wealthy enough to afford a night in a place such as The Montage.

The photo simply does not do the hotel, or the pool justice. Just image something you'd see in a movie... This place could probably fit your image. As I described it to Scott when I got home, the place was "dripping with money." 

 To top it all off, it's April 7 and the tans lines are already in place. :)
Ahhh, "work."