Week 38

Week 38.
And this could very well be the last update before M² arrives. Holy smokes.

Size of Baby // My Pregnancy says M² is about 6.8 pounds and 19 1/2 inches long. If M² is anything like her brother, she's much bigger (or at least heavier) than that estimate by this point (Marcus was born at 39 weeks and was 9 lbs 3 oz, 21 inches long)

Cravings //  Still stuck on watermelons and grapes. I also haven't turned down ice cream the last few nights.

Symptoms // At my doctor appointment Monday there was slight progression (I'll again spare details), but nothing that's screaming, "Labor is happening soon!" 

Movement // Yep. Still moving around all the time, giving legit kicks and punches. 

Miss Anything // Clothes that fit. As of right now I only have about three shirts and two pair of shorts that fit comfortably. Making those few items look new and different is becoming difficult. 

I'm also mourning running. I miss a good pavement pounding session. It's truly the best therapy, and I can't wait to get back into that groove again. 

Sleep // Ugh. No. There is so much discomfort, sleep is scarce. 

Clothing // Ha. See above.

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… //
1. Last Friday Scott took a personal day and we spent our afternoon at the OC Fair. While I couldn't ride any of the rides, I had the best time watching Marcus get some quality one-on-one time with his dad. I also couldn't help but devour a turkey leg. Going to the fair allowed us to cross off another item from our Bucket List. It may very well be the last item we complete before M² arrives.
Top, left to right: Celebrating 125 Years of the OC Fair; eager to get on the BIG Ferris Wheel; going down the slides.
Bottom, left to right: Marcus' winnings from a basketball game; riding the tractors; the most spin-ny ride at the fair.
2. Tickets to THIS event have been purchased!!!
And, I'm not even ashamed to say how excited I am to start planning our Halloween costumes. Now, if only I can convince Scott that family themed costumes are the way to go we'll be all set. 

3. But, the best news with the most relief: M² has been sent her eviction notice. If the little lady isn't here by next Friday (!!) she's being kicked out (8/7 will be her birthday if she doesn't come before).
Sorting out all the emotions I have about this has been a challenge for me. It wasn't a choice I made lightly or easily. I intend to write a little more in detail about this decision next week. With that said, I sure do hope the little miss decides to come on her own, but if she doesn't I can't help but be elated to finally hold her.
One. Week. To. Go. 

Have a fabulous weekend!



These are my favorite. I love reading them. I love writing them. I just love them.

Last I was fortunate to be featured on Tayler's blog, The Morrell Tale (be sure to swing by and say hi to her!). I knew this type of post would be the perfect way to give a quick glimpse to new readers of me and my life right now. I thought it fitting to share it on my little piece of the blogosphere as well.

Currently I am…

Thinking about :: Just how fast this summer has gone, and our Bucket List of things to do. Marcus and I have really made the most out of last few months together as Marcus and Mommy. I'm hoping we can complete all the items on our List before the baby arrives.

Working on :: All the last little details of baby prep! We're thisclose to having everything ready (or so we think).
Prints are from TheDigitalStudio.
Oval frames are from primitivepincushion.
Rectangle frames are from ThePaintedLdy.
Reading :: The Garden on Sunset by Martin Turnbull. Most of the books I've read as of late have been thanks to suggestions from BookBub. Many books are at ridiculously reduced prices, sometimes they are even free! I've also noticed many of the books are by up and coming authors, so the books and authors aren't as well known, and I love supporting those authors.

Listening to :: Marcus is completely obsessed with the Luke Bryan song, "Kick the Dust Up." That's pretty much on repeat right now.

Eating :: Watermelon, grapes, peaches, and popsicles all the livelong day. Summer heat plus pregnancy cravings at their finest!

Watching :: My husband and I are HGTV addicts. Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Love It or List It, and Property Brothers are among our favorites. Maybe someday we'll actually have the courage to try a few at-home renovations of our own.

Wanting :: A backyard. We live in a townhome and our small back patio just doesn't cut it. I'd love to let my kids and dog loose in a big grassy yard complete with a swing set and sandbox.

Feeling :: Pretty big and tired these days. At 8 1/2 months pregnant that tends to happen.
Loving :: all the bows and headbands! I just received some adorable headbands for our little lady and I'm certain a girl can never have too many.
Thankful for :: These two and the little miss we'll be meeting soon. They're pretty awesome and make my world go 'round.
Tell me, what's going on in your world, currently?


Noah's Ark

The story of Noah's Ark has always been one of my Biblical favorites. The animals, the cleansing, the promise of hope, new life, and second chances... It is a story that everyone seems to be able to relate to in one way or another. 

As I was creating our Summer Bucket List I knew visiting the Skirball Cultural Center to experience Noah's Ark was mandatory. Not only for Marcus but for myself. 

Upon entering the Ark we were delighted to an interactive story-telling of Noah's Ark. My favorite part of the whole story was when it was explained that the Ark and rainbow represent new life, a second chance. Then we were asked to take a closer look at everything around us... Every animal made for the Ark was created from reclaimed, recycled, and reused pieces. 

Throughout the entire experience children (and adults) were encouraged to touch and try everything.

The first room we explored was one where all the animals made some sort of musical sound. 
The zebra hind quarters spun and sounded like rain. See how the zebra mane is a recycled keyboard?
Notice the deer antlers are pitch forks.
The elephant had a gong within it. A small wheel cranked to allow the gong to sound. Needless to say, the gong was a favorite in this particular room.
After a LOT of coaxing to get Marcus out of the music room we moved into the next... The entry of the Ark!
A two story masterpiece that simply blew me away.
Again, every animal was pieced together using recycled/reclaimed/reused items.
This particular area also had so many amazing hands on activities that captivated Marcus.
Left: Spinning a wheel created lightning.
Top right: Pumping a lever made rain, which made the Ark rise.
Lower right: Spinning a wheel made this two-story giraffe's neck move from side to side.
But, the show stopper for Marcus (and almost every other child within the exhibit) was the ramp that moved animals up and into the Ark.
We spent well over an hour spinning wheels, pumping levers, and pushing buttons.

After MUCH persuasion we finally headed into the Ark.
And again, I was flabbergasted.
A two-story playroom where kids climbed, ran, and made believe.
These pictures just do not do the structure any justice whatsoever. But, man oh man was it something special.
Naturally, once Marcus got up into the structure it was practically impossible to convince him to come down.
After two hours our time was up (each entry allows for a two hour time limit, which is fabulous in keeping the exhibit from getting too crowded or crazy).
Neither of us wanted to leave.
When we returned home I couldn't stop gushing to anyone who would listen about how incredible our time in Noah's Ark was.

If you live in the L.A. area, or are planning a trip, I beg you make it a point to see and experience Noah's Ark. It will be an unforgettable experience, I promise.
More fabulous memories made, and another item off The Bucket List!


Week 37

Week 37.
Only 21 days to go (Lord willing, it will be less time than that)!

Size of Baby // According to My Pregnancy, M² weighs approximately 6 1/3 pounds and is a little over 19 inches long. Comparatively speaking, M² is about the size of a bunch of Swiss chard (ummm, what exactly is that?)

Cravings // Fruit. Watermelon, peaches, grapes. I'll inhale them all. 

Symptoms // Thanks to the unusual humidity we've been experiencing, my toes have swollen to the size of sausages. It's real cute. 

At my doctor appointment Monday, my doctor noted there was some progression happening (I'll spare details). Nothing earth shattering, but it appears that if my body keeps doing what it's doing, I may actually have this baby without needing a c-section. 

I also have to admit I've been driving the Emotional Crazy Train lately. Scott deserves serious credit for dealing with my outbursts, melt downs, and full on wackiness.

Movement // Girlfriend apparently hasn't gotten the memo that the amount of room she has to move is shrinking. The kicks, while isolated, certainly aren't letting up in forcefulness. 

Miss Anything // The ability to keep my emotions in check. I'm all over the place (see above), and I can't help but think it's a dangerous combination of hormones and anxiousness/nervousness/fear that comes with expanding a family. 

Sleep // Most nights I do more tossing, turning, and hunting for a comfortable position than I actually spend sleeping.

Clothing // I've broken down and asked Scott to borrow some of his t-shirts. 

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… //
Our Bucket List Continues to shrink:
1. We checked out a new-to-us aquarium. While it doesn't really compare to Aquarium of the Pacific (which we are members) it was nice to get out of the house for an afternoon and check out something different. Marcus seemed to really enjoy the experience, and we might have to go back when school is in session and the place isn't as busy.
2. Also added to the "done" section of our Bucket List, was a local botanic garden. We spent a very short amount of time checking out the actual gardens. 
I was able to convince Marcus to stop and smell exactly one rose.
Most of our stay was spent in the children's garden. The the area is small but very cute. Marcus was obsessed with the water pump and watering cans, and that kept him more than happy and entertained for over an hour. 
3. We also crossed off the Ferndell Nature Trail in Griffith Park from The List. There we "hiked" for about a mile.
Marcus proceeded to find the only playground located on the grounds and insisted he was over the trail and wanted to go down the slide 1000 times.
4. We convinced Scott to take today off (who knows how many more days it will be just the three of us), and we're headed to the OC Fair - bring on all the foods on a stick!
Have a great weekend!


To the Little Boy Who Stole My Heart

To the little boy who stole my heart and made me a momma:

Dear Marcus, 
For the last three years and four months it's been just you and me. You've been my daily companion, my sidekick, my mini me. You've made my world go round. Even on our most dark and difficult days you have been the one to bring the sunshine. 

As we near the end of this pregnancy, and eagerly await the arrival of your baby sister I can't help be a bit of an emotional train wreck. 
I worry. 

How will you handle this life altering transition? I pray every night that we've made the right decision to grow our family. You are such a bright, sweet, caring, and social little boy. I know in my heart you were not meant to be an only child. We would have done you a serious injustice if you were without at least one sibling. 
Yet, I worry. 

For the last eight months there have been countless nights where I've snuck into your bedroom, stared at your precious, peaceful, sleeping face, and cried. A little piece of my heart breaks knowing that our days as just Marcus and Mommy are numbered. Our time together might not be the same. 
And I worry.

Something tells me you will ease into this new roll as big brother quiet well. Perhaps, even better than I will move into the roll of mommy-of-two. It's pretty amazing how well you adapt to new situations, environments, and people.
But, I worry.

Soon, you won't be my only child, my only baby, my only ray of sunlight. But, you will always be the one who made me a mommy.

Thank you for the most unbelievably marvelous journey. The past three years have been an incredible, crazy, love-filled ride. And I'm so thankful I was able to experience it all with you.

While I realize that soon our time together will be shared know that my love for you never will be divided.

To the little boy who stole my heart and made me a momma...
I love you forever and always.


A Boy at the Ball Field

Scott has been eagerly awaiting the day we could take Marcus to a baseball game since, oh, the day Marcus was born. So, while I was conjuring up our Summer Bucket List Scott suggested that we add going to an Angels game. It didn't take any extra convincing from me and that promptly went on the list.

After looking at the schedule, and being sorely disappointed when we discovered the Royals (only our most favorite MLB team of all time #foreverroyal) had played the Angels super early in the season. We missed the boat on that one, but we saw the Red Sox (the other team Scott cheers on) were playing at a time we could attend. We grabbed tickets and were ready to take Marcus to his first all-American experience.
I wish I could have captured Marcus' excitement as we entered the stadium and made our way to our seats. He was skipping and jumping and beaming. I'm sure he didn't really have a clue what was happening, but the electricity and excitement of the place seemed to overtake Marcus.

We found our seats and settled in.
Marcus was clearly in awe.
After the initial novelty of the place grew on Marcus we saw more of this:
And the little father-son moments melted my heart a hundred times over:
For me the game was good (Mike Trout hit two homers - the first regular MLB game I've been to where someone actually hit it out of the park), but seeing my guys share the experience was hands down the best part.
Marcus seemed to truly enjoy the game. But, I think it was the cotton candy he really loved.
Nothing beats a bag full of colored sugar.
Marcus surprised us and made waaaaay past bed time, and through a solid 7 innings before we called it an evening.
We're already looking forward to many more future summer nights spent at the ball field. 

Marking off yet another Summer Bucket List item!


Travel Town

The days of summer refuse to slow down. In their haste I've been desperately trying to fill our days with as much fun and adventure as possible. A part of me may also be secretly hoping all these moments as just Marcus and Mommy could go on and last forever. There is this pang of guilt that keeps poking at me, and I'm just trying to give my little man every last ounce of me before his sister arrives.

So, to fill yet another summer day in L.A. we trucked off, with Grandma in tow, to Travel Town in Griffith Park.
I knew we would see old trains, but aside from that little bit of information I had no idea what else to expect.

We learned upon entering that a small train lapped the grounds. Naturally we made that our first priority.
After a couple laps around the museum grounds we were off to explore the numerous old engines and cars.
Climbing into the big engines was a pretty big hit. 
Being able to turn knobs and pull levers? A three-year old dream come true.
I thought surely exploring all the engines and turning all knobs and pulling all the levers would be the highlight.
I thought wrong.
It was an empty passenger car that stole the show.
Inside was completely barren, save for old wooden floors, which made for a perfect little run way. Marcus literally ran laps through the car and thought it was about the best thing ever.
With each sprint through the passenger car Marcus made sure to peek out the windows and give us a wave and a smile.

After countless laps we called it a day and bid farewell to Travel Town and successfully completed another Bucket List to-do.