A Fresh Look

This little ol' blog of mine has come quiet a ways since my very first post. From my writing to the photography, to the actual layout of this space, it has all changed, grown, and if I'm being honest, gotten better.

I've been toying with the idea of making yet another change to the look of my little piece of the Internet. Something fresh, clean, fun. I'm on the search for the perfect look and the perfect blog designer (because Lord knows I know nothing about code and what actually goes into making a blog look like it does).

What I'm also in desperate need of is a new blog button and intro picture. The ones I currently have are incredibly outdated, and I'm not loving them.

I haven't found a blog design I like, nor have I found the right person to help me make it happen (anyone know of a good - reasonably priced - blog designer??), but I did find the right outfit to wear for a potential button and intro picture. Thankfully I also had a cute 2-year old to assist me in my picture taking (because those solo photos felt really weird and unnatural. I'm not a fashion blogger, and for good reason).
When I was trying to decide exactly what to wear for this new blog look I'm hoping to achieve I couldn't find a thing in my closet. I was looking for something cute, but not too young; something dressy, but not too formal. There wasn't a thing that fit my needs.

Then I was introduced to eShakti.com, and their wide variety and selection of adorable, quality made clothes. As I was browsing their selection I fell in love with so many items. It was easy to see that my blog button and intro picture clothing choice would be taken care of.
Not only was the selection of clothing impressive, I was thrilled to see I could customize my dress to fit my shape. From standard sizing to custom sizing, sleeve length, and even skirt length, it can be done to fit every figure (may it be noted I have a very long torso and practically zero bust, finding a top that isn't a million sizes too big just so it will cover my entire torso is a real challenge). Never in all my shopping excursions (and there have been plenty of those in my life) have I ever had a chance or choice to make the clothing totally mine, and fit perfectly. With eShakti I could, and it was so easy!
Several dresses I was interested in came in different fabric choices. Looking for poplin instead of cotton? No problem, that change was possible too.
Now that I have the right dress and a cute subject to accompany me, I just need to figure out the rest of this blog look. And, I need to narrow down these pictures and decide which one might work best for a button and intro pic.
To check out more awesome eShakti items head over to www.eShakti.com to see all the other fabulous dresses, skirts, tops, and jackets they have that can be customized.

When you find something you love (which I have no doubt you will) use the code MACKE to receive a 10% discount today (10/23) through November 23. AND, if you register with eShakti today you will receive a $25 gift coupon.

Now tell me, any of these photos seem worthy of a blog button?
Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a review of eShakti products on this blog. All statements and opinions are my own.


  1. Yay! I absolutely love your choice. It looks fabulous on you, so beautiful. I am currently waiting on my eShakti order to ship. It feels like it is taking FOREVER. But I feel confident that it will be worth the wait.

    Good luck with the blog design search.

  2. Love love love your dress! And it looks great on you! =)
    As far as blog design goes...I'm with you! I can't understand the codes and all that crap so I paid for someone to design mine. I used Kreated by Kelsey. She was awesome to work with and made any changes that I wanted. I would highly recommend her!! Here is a link to her =)


  3. You look beautiful!! I am crappy at code too....that's why it's taking forever and a day to get my store front up. If you find someone good let me know!!

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

  4. Elizabeth from elizabeth-loves.com did my new blog design and I love it! And, she's very inexpensive compared with most other designers! Under $50!

  5. Great choice! I love the dress I got from them. I'll definitely shop there again if I need a special dress.

    I just kind of went little by little on my blog redo using pic monkey... Glad to help if you need it.

  6. the kissy one!! i die.
    girl you look won't you back dat ass up!

    i just got a blog design. i won it in some IG giveaway. HA HA.

  7. Love the dress! Check out Ashley from The Grits Blog. I purchased when she was offering a 20% off special.

  8. You look fabulous. Loving the dress on you! I want a new look too and have no idea who to use!

  9. I love the outfit and the pictures and the environment are just adorable!

  10. Love this review! They contacted me a couple days ago and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but now I think I will try it out.
    Also, my blog is not very fancy but I loved the lady that designed it. She has an etsy site and her company is Nudge Media Design if you want to check them out. She was pretty quick, super knowledgeable with all my questions, and affordable!

  11. Love the ones with Marcus, you guys are just so cute together! And beautiful ones of yourself. I know what you mean about feeling awkward by yourself. I need new pictures too but I just hate the idea of taking solo pictures. I have been looking for a new blog design too. I was recommended some on Etsy. They have tons of premade templates and customized ones too and super affordable! Can't wait to see what you decide on!

  12. Love that dress!! so fun yet looks super comfy! and your photos are amazing!!!!