Happy Marcus Monday!

Two years and three months. 
Iowa: 75% vowels, 100% awesome
So full of laughter, tantrums, exploration, melt-downs, and love.
Happy Monday!


Adventureland {{Summer Bucket List}}

If you live in Iowa you're familiar with Adventureland Park. It's the only amusement park in the state. And, if you grew up in Iowa, it was likely a destination that your family went on at least once every summer.

While on our Iowa leg of the Midwest tour I found a trip to good ol' Adventureland was a must. Many a memories growing up took place at Adventureland. Naturally I wanted to share the experience with Marcus.

While not your typical park, I thought it would be a great way to check off the "Park Discovery" portion of our Summer Bucket List.

Keeping with the Fridays top five, here are the park highlights:

1. It wasn't just Marcus, Grandma, and me, at the park. We had three other mommies and sons join us: a friend from my hometown, my cousin (whom I don't see nearly enough - four years is entirely too long!) and her little man (whom we finally got to meet!), and Sally and Mace! Four kiddos 4-years and younger. Call us crazy.
2. The 2-year old group didn't go on too many rides. But among one of the favorites were the airplanes.
While Marcus and Mace seemed to love the ride, they couldn't figure out how to make their plane rise. So, they happily cruised along below all the other planes.

3. For the toddlers, THE FAVORITE ride,was hands down the lady bug.
 I kid you not, these three could have gone on the ladybugs all.day.long.
4. As the three 2-year olds began to wind down (and it was obvious naps were needed), we broke off and made our way towards the exit. Before leaving we had to make a stop to ride the train.
5. We couldn't part ways without first getting pictures with people we rarely see.
First cousins, first cousins once removed, second cousins! Figure that one out. 
Our Disney Land and Adventureland buddies!
I'm not sure about the rest of the group, but we were barely out of the parking lot and I had one little boy who was fast asleep. Successful park discovery day, if I do say so myself!

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Big Boy Undies // A Potty Training Update

No too long after Marcus turned 2 I decided I'd give a half-hearted attempt at potty training. I went with the pants-less method. I had heard so many people swear up and down about how great that particular method was.

I perched one of our plush Mickey Mouses atop the toilet tank, so Mickey could cheer us along in our potty endeavors, and "potty bubbles" were in the bathroom, for post-event celebrations, naturally. Every 15-20 minutes we would head to the bathroom to attempt getting business taken care of.

The first few hours went pretty well. A handful of successful pee-to-toilet moments were made. We cheered, we blew the bubbles, and high-fived Mickey. It didn't take long to figure Marcus was more interested in the bubbles than anything, but I figured whatever. We pressed onward.

Then, the fifth hour of training hit, and when I asked Marcus if we should go potty he would cry and run away from the bathroom. This went on for awhile.

After the third or fourth round of tears I decided neither of us were ready.

Fast forward to this week. I thought we might give the whole process another try. Maybe Grandma's house would hold a little toilet training magic. I snagged up some big boy undies - with Mickey on them, of course - and promptly placed them on Marcus.
Side note: I don't think I've seen anything cuter than a squishy toddler tushy in a pair of tiny briefs.

At first Marcus didn't notice and/or mind the underwear. It was immediately after I asked if we should use the potty that Marcus started crying, tugging for the underwear to come off, and again running away from the bathroom.

I'm not about to fight Marcus to go to the bathroom. The time will come when he's ready. As much as I'd love to ditch the diapers I keep reminding myself that no Kindergartener wears diapers.
At 2 years 3 months we're still not ready, and that's ok


Suds in the Bucket

On the rare occasion we don't have something planned - no one to see, no where to be - sometimes we have to get a little creative with our fun. This was the case one sunny afternoon.

Grandma and Grandpa Dudding stepped in with a few tricks up their sleeves...

BUBBLES. Of course.

It started with Grandpa showing Marcus some of the biggest bubbles we've ever seen.
Albeit a bit too windy for the bubbles to actually take flight, the bubble contraption was pretty clever.

We then moved along to a bubble making gun.
This thing was awesome. Marcus and I fought to use it took turns using it.
The machine obviously blew smaller bubbles, but it also blew big bubbles with little bubbles inside the big bubbles. I'd be lying if I said it didn't kind of blow my mind a little bit. They were the coolest things to see.
After the bubble solution was all used up (we went through one huge jug AND three small bottles of bubble solution), Grandma tried making a Pinterest bubble concoction. Supposedly, this solution was supposed to make bubbles that were "stronger" than the normal bubbles.
What we really ended up with was a bucket full of suds, or, as I told Marcus, millions of tiny bubbles!
This face spells trouble...
In 3.... 
Sudsy fun for everyone!