I really want to talk about the World Series, how awesome last night's game was, our trip to San Francisco to watch Game 4, and how the Royals and Giants are tied up at 3 apiece. But, I'm afraid if I go on too much I'll jinx the good vibes flowing through Kansas City and Kauffman Stadium right now.

Instead, I'll show pictures of the pumpkins we've carved this week.
These two were the pumpkins we picked from the Pumpkin Patch
After looking at the two jack-o-lanterns for about 14 hours I had to add a third. If there's anything my mom and Aunt Sharon taught me about decorating (be it on your mantel or front stoop), it's that everything looks better in odd numbers.

I marched into our grocery store and bought a third pumpkin. Side note: grocery store pumpkins are WAAAAAY cheaper than pumpkin patch pumpkins.

This became pumpkin three.
And, all of them set up on the stoop…
See, three looks better than two. Right?

With all that being said, GO ROYALS! TAKE THE CROWN! 
In order to keep everything as similar to yesterday as possible - because, you know, sports superstitions and whatnot - those clothes are currently in the washer getting ready for their second consecutive day of wearing.
Are your pumpkins carved? And, an even more important question, who are you cheering for tonight in Game 7?


  1. I'm kind of a freak about things in odd numbers, however I like random things (like the volume on the TV) to be in even numbers. Ohhh OCD. Such a blessing/curse.

    And holy mother, I can only imagine how much patience went into the Royals pumpkin! I come up with lots of ideas and find all kinds of templates and when it comes time to carve, I never want to execute them. We end up with traditional jack-o-lanterns (triangle eyes, crooked mouth) every year. So basically I tip my hat to you guys.

  2. That's so funny. Our mantel decor is uneven but the mums & ferns on our front steps are even. The pumpkins I bought for our back steps are odd. LOL I hadn't even thought about it but now I will probably remember what you said about decorating "odd."

  3. Our pumpkins still aren't carved! haha Either tonight or tomorrow we'll do them! And totally cherring for the Royals in game 7!!!!

  4. Are you kidding me?! As my 11 year old son told me (upon the sweep of the Orioles and them punching their ticket to the World Series) - "Mom, you've been waiting 29 years for this ... I've been waiting my entire life!" ... I could not be more excited, nervous, proud. This city is CRAZY! GO ROYALS - TAKE THE CROWN!!! I p.s. love ALL the pumpkins!

  5. Carved our pumpkin (singular) last night. Had 2 but the one was starting to rot which is totally crazy b/c we haven't had it more than 3 weeks. Oh well. The one we did turned out great, the boys were super happy w/ it.

    I'm rooting for the Royals!

  6. Love the Royals pumpkin! We have yet to carve ours. We had three. One rotted before we could carve it, and one got painted and sent to daycare, so we'll see if the one remaining gets carved tonight!

  7. I would love to see KC take it! Michael is rooting for SF but whatevs, haha. You guys are carving pros! So cool!!

  8. oh yeah, good thing you got that third - totally better! Plus more fun =)

  9. you guys have some good carvin skills!!
    im rooting for your team!

  10. LOVE all your pumpkins! You guys are expert carvers!

  11. So agree, we carved ours last night and only finished two before it got too dark. I put them outside but all I can think about is finishing the 3rd one to make it look right! I love all of yours! The Royals looks exactly the same!

  12. that Mickey pumpkin is amazing! like wow I'm so impressed! we didn't carve this year but when we do its just a couple easy shapes. :) Yay for 3 pumpkins!