Chiefs, Royals, Red, and a Halloween Sneak Peek

Another eventful week in the books. I have some packing to do, so let's get right to this week's top five!

1. Chieeeeeeefs!!!!
Last Sunday Scott and I made the trip down to San Diego to see the Chiefs play the Chargers. I'm probably a little biased, but no stadium compares to Arrowhead. But, it was an awesome experience, and the Chiefs clenched a victory!

2. While we were cheering on the Chiefs Marcus was spending time with this lady…
Grandma Dudding is in town!! We've also managed to convince her to stay an extra few days so Scott and I can head to the World Series game in San Fran.
What would we do without grandmas? Seriously.

3. Speaking of World Series, I still can't believe this is actually happening.
We'll be cheering our hearts out tonight, at home, for Game 3. And tomorrow we'll be cheering our hearts out for the Royals in San Francisco, at.the.game!! Is this real life?!!!

4. Our week wouldn't have been complete without a trip to the aquarium. We even managed to  convince Grandma to buy a season pass, too.
With all the different marine life to check out there's just something so cool about the jellyfish.

5. Running my miles [RED].
Running to raise money for an AIDS free generation.
The campaign only lasts through December 7, so if you haven't pledge you still have time! To make your pledge and start running your miles [RED] click HERE and make your miles do more!

BONUS: Here's a little peek at our Halloween costumes - courtesy of Grandma Dudding's crazy sewing skills.
Forgive the poor image quality, I was working with a cell phone camera and extreme zooming.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. 1. Why is the chargers stadium "Qualcomm" like what is Qualcomm? 2. YAY for having babysitters that will fly to you, literally. 3. I'm not a big baseball fan (I like the Yankees if we're picking) but I hope your team wins just because they haven't in awhile. 4. I'm going to the aquarium with my nephew tomorrow! Looks like so much fun. 5. You rock. As for the bonus: I know what his costume is! My nephew is being the same thing and my niece is being the counterpart.

  2. ohhh is mickey the mouse in marcus near future!

  3. I'm totally jealous you are going to a World Series game! You guys are going to have SOOO MUCH FUN!!! And bonus that grandma is watching Marcus! The aquarium looks awesome too! Too bad our closest aquarium is in Boston! Can't wait to see Marcus dressed for Halloween!

  4. What a fun week with all the sporting events. So glad Grandma is there!

  5. Have fun at the game tomorrow night! I hope they can keep this up!

  6. What is the packing for?? Awesome your mom made it out! Have fun at the game tomorrow!!! We'll be cheering for the boys in blue from Iowa! :)

  7. Is that mickey mouse I spy?! So jealous you're going to the World Series! I'm still bummed that it's not an 1-70 STL/KC series - wouldn't that be amazing? But I'm totally on the Royals bandwagon! Go KC!

  8. Grandma is the BEST!!!!! You guys need to bring her an amazing souvenir from SF for watching Marcus for all your sporting events ;) though I'm sure she is in HEAVEN having so much one on one time with him! Still can't believe you guys are going to WORLD SERIES game tomorrow! I will be looking for you on tv! GO KC!

  9. Such a tease with the Halloween costumes! I can't wait to see what they are! And how stinkin' handsome is Marcus with your mom. It should be an awesome game tomorrow. I will be looking forward to seeing pics on Instagram! Good luck to you guys!

  10. too bad the Royals didn't win the game you were at. hope you had fun anyway!