The Sports Edition

The start of this week was kind of rough. Monday was a downright doozy. Thankfully after a solid glass of wine to end that treacherous start to the week, each day after Monday went steadily up hill. If you're a Kansas City-an, and/or are fans of the professional sports teams in Kansas City, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Not to mention, yesterday Scott and I celebrated our anniversary. All that leads me right into this week's top five:

1. After watching the Royals in a nail-biting, blow-your-mind win over the A's on Tuesday night Scott and I did something we rarely never do. We made an impulse decision and bought tickets to see the Royals play the Angels tonight in the play off series. It was also decided that this would make for an outstanding anniversary gift to each other. The last time the Royals made it this far I was Marcus's age. We may never see this moment again, so we can't NOT go to this game.
I know Marcus will never remember this, so I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty when I booked a baby-sitter for the occasion. Scott and I will actually get to enjoy the game without worrying about keeping a toddler entertained. And let's be real, I'm going to drink at least one giant stadium beer. Probably two. It's going to be glorious.
After last night's win I hope the boys in blue can keep that momentum going for tonight!

2. Though the spotlight is on the Royals at the moment, let's not forget the superb win the Chiefs had over the Patriots on Monday night. I should also mention that Arrowhead stadium has reclaimed its position in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the loudest stadium In.The.World.
Confession time: the win over the Pats was especially nice for me, as I can.not.stand Tom Brady. Blech.

It's been a good week to be a Chiefs/Royals fan.

In non-sports related highlights…

3. Drake celebrated his 9th birthday earlier this week. Though he's 9 he hasn't gotten the memo, he acts more like he's 3.
Drake is the best. Though he's huge, he's really an amazing and gentle dog. To celebrate Drake's big day we took him to his favorite park, showered him with extra loving, and fed him copious Pedigree Stackerz (thanks, Influenster!), his latest favorite treat.

4. Now that schools are finally back in session we're starting to make more trips to the aquarium. In the early mornings we basically have the place to ourselves.
The sea lions could do this a million times, and it would be cool each and every time.

5. Finally. FINALLY! Marcus has gotten into painting. While he HATES the paint touching his skin (I found that out in our one and only attempt at the "hand turkey") he doesn't mind running his brush along the paper.
The only hand-turkey I'll like get this season, and Marcus found it necessary to add a huge blob of white smack dab in the center… Maybe we'll have better luck next year?
It may drive me slightly crazy when he dips his paint brush in every.single.color at once (see bottom right photo - gah!!!!). But hey, who am I to put a damper on his creative process?

There you have it. A pretty solid week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. SO awesome!!!! Enjoy the game AND the stadium-sized beers tonight!!!! Sounds like a great impulse buy to me :)

  2. I was actually really excited about the Royals and I'm a Rockies fan! I guess I have to root for the underdogs!

    And the Chief's killing the Patriots was the best!!

    Have a good time tonight!!!

  3. Go Royals! You're going to have a blast at the game. I don't blame you a smidge for getting a sitter. Enjoy it!

  4. Have a great time tonight! I will be watching.... a different channel ;). Actually more like watching one channel the other streaming on my phone. Yup, I am a dork.

  5. Enjoy the game! And the beers!!!!!! :)

  6. I am envious you are going to the game! I wish I was back in KC right now. I was 5 when they won the Series. I can't believe it was that long ago.

    Meeghan doesn't like it when paint touches her either which makes finger painting interesting. Hannah is 4 and still mixes all the paint colors together to make a brown blob. It is frustrating, but I guess she likes it.

  7. PAinting, you're brave haha! Have fun at the game!!!

  8. Hope you guys have a great time tonight! And hope you get to see a win! My OCD is super tested when myles paints and has to dip in every single color as well!! I never though of the egg carton to put te paints in! Then he can dip and mix all he wants! Such a smart idea!

  9. 1. I apologize in advance but I cannot approve of this. I am INSANELY jealous that you are at the game and I am sitting on my couch with 3 boys (men? haha) yelling at the TV. But I cannot approve of the Royals winning tonight's game. I do hope you're having fun though and enjoyed those $12 beers!
    2. GO KC!
    3. Happy birthday Drake!!!
    4. I sooooooo wish I had a weekday off and we could meet you at the aquarium! It was PACKED when we went that one weekend!
    5. That turkey is so cute! Marcus did a great job! Oh, and I would totally freak if Mason mixed all the colors too. I kinda freak when he does it with his food. He's obsessed with apple sauce (and Seth HATES apple sauce) so Seth freaks out when Mason dips everything on his plate in the apple sauce and then eats it lol

  10. I'm so glad you and your hubby were able to go to the game together! And great painting Marcus!!