The Halloween Edition

I've been waiting (im)patiently to get to today's post. Seeing our costumes hanging in wait for the last week has been pure torture. So, without further ado…

1. The 2014 costume reveal…
I was shocked at just how well Marcus did with his costume. And all the pieces that make it complete. Fingers crossed we can keep all those pieces in tact - and on - while we make the Trick or Treating rounds tonight.

2. The mastermind and seamstress behind the costumes:
Thanks Grandma Kathy for creating one-of-a-kind Mickey and Minnie!
(Seriously, how did I not pick up a single ounce of my mom's creative talent? She can create these beautiful pieces of clothing, and I struggle to simply sew a button on a shirt.) 

3. I know, I know. Baseball is old news, but I just love this picture.
If you follow me on any other social media outlet you've seen this. 

4. These two.
Marcus and his friend Natasha have become best buddies. It is the sweetest to watch them play and interact with one and other. Yesterday we were at a park and they held hands, unprompted by either mom, and then basically asked to be photographed. My heart my have melted more than once.

5. Tomorrow we have family pictures scheduled with a photographer whose work I absolutely adore. Here's a look at one of my favorites captured from last year's session.
Though our session is scheduled smack dab in the middle of nap time I have faith our session will go well. (I foresee lots of Halloween candy bribing in my future…) 

Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


  1. Seriously the MIckey & Minnie outfits are OUTSTANDING!!! You guys look soooooo cute. Would love to Scott as Pluto ;))))

  2. Just WOW on the costumes!!!! So amazing!!!! Love the flashback picture from last year. The picture of Natasha and Marcus is uber cute! Heart melting even. Happy Halloween!

  3. What a cute Mouse you have. And you? How dang adorable are you?! Happy Halloween loves!

  4. Those costumes. Ohhh my God. I am dying! I would give anything for a pinky's worth of your mom's talent. I can't wait to show Emma Mickey Mouse (and Minnie too!). Pretty sure she's going to flip out.

  5. Love your costumes! So fun that you dress up with him! Have fun trick or treating tonight!

  6. I cannot believe your mom made those costumes...that is so awesome! Hope you guys have a blast! :)

  7. Last year's pic actually brought a tear! So sweet. So little! I still need to find Aria something to wear for ours this year. ooph.
    Your costumes are AMAZING! No Scott this year? Didn't want to be Donald? You two are so cute though. I can't believe your mom made them! They look like something you'd pick up at disney!
    Happy Halloween!!!

  8. Love love love the costumes! Have fun tonight and tomorrow at your photo shoot!

  9. Love love love your costumes! I am so impressed with Marcus for wearing all of that stuff. I practically have to bribe Mason just to put on the suit of his and don't even try the hat. Good god. Haha.

    Hope you guys have a great Halloween!
    PS what is with CA? The first sign of fall is Halloween AND includes a rain forecast?!

  10. Your outfits are AWESOME!!! I just love them!

    Good luck with your photos today! We have ours today too...but Brian and I aren't going to be in them...just the girls =)

  11. I LOVE your costumes! Your mom is so amazing! I also love that family photo of you all in blue. it's really awesome. can't wIt to see pro photos - I'm sure they will be amazing!

  12. I love the costumes! They are great!

  13. I can't get enough of Mickey Marcus, so adorable. How did pictures go?! Can't wait to see them soon.

  14. that baseball pic of the 3 of you?! AMAZE. perfect family picture!!!!!! i love you all.
    and M as mickey? he looks 6 feet tall. i can't!