Some Sunshine

I'm not sure how sunny it is where you live, but here it has been cloudless skies and sun rays a-blazing. It sounds all fine and dandy until you take a look at the calendar and see it's OCTOBER EIGHTH. Give me all the scarves and sweaters and cute boots. But, nope. I'm still rocking my tanks and shorts like it's July. Over. It.

To boost the mood, and spread a little sunshine, even when I just want a few clouds, Tayler from The Morrell Tale kindly nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Tayler is a new momma to the sweetest and cutest little man, Rhys. Be sure to stop by, say hi to her, and get lost in her little man's gorgeous blue eyes.

On to the award. Have you heard of it? It's just the kind of thing I love. It's essentially a way to spread positivity, encouraging words, and in general just a fun way to knock out a few Q & As. Totally my jam right here.
Moving onward to Tayler's questions:

Who is your blogging crush? That's a reeeeally hard one to answer. There are so many great bloggers that I read on the daily. In the past few years all those daily reads, comments, and email correspondence have created real friendships. Here is (more than) a handful of my daily must-reads:
Dear Dad // my cousin Laura checks in from time to time on her blog, talking about life with two kids and a full time job as a teacher. She keeps it really real, and I love her all the more for it.
Midwest Pillowtalk // this girl Sarah - I heart her forever and ever. And, let's just talk about her little boy Crue. Swoon.
Our Journey // this other girl, Sarah - I knew her in real life before I knew about her blog. She has two of the cutest kids in all the land. I wish we lived closer. I could see us with lots of wine nights and play dates (not necessarily in that order).
The Martin's and the Marines // Kourtney worked for me once upon a time. Now she's all grown up, married, has one of the most adorable little boys, and is expecting a little girl. Her tales of life as a military wife, and her photography, always keep me captivated.
Wife Mommy Me // Stephanie and I haven't met in real life. But that's about to change in November. We share so many common interests, and I just know we're going to get along fabulously.

What does your name mean and do you like your name? I think this question applies to my actual name, not my blogging name. My name - DesirĂ©e - is French and is pronounced dehZ-ih-rEY. Its literal translation is "longing" or "desire". Before I was born my parents had a baby girl who was born with Potter's Syndrome, and passed away one day after she was born. When my parents were deciding on names for me they found it fitting to give me a name that meant I was a child they were longing for. I truly do like my name, there's a deep meaning behind it.

What is the last book you read? A Broken Us, by my best friend for life, Amy Daws. If you're looking for a great, easy read, pick this one up!

Where would you love to live? Home = Kansas City. Or Colorado. Either would be just fine.

What is your dream vacation? Pack me up and ship me off to Europe. Specifically, Ireland and the Netherlands, throw in England for good measure.

What [blogging] post are you most proud of? This one >> Baring it All. If you're a new mom, a veteran mom, or still pregnant, give it a quick read. It's a good reminder to get out from behind the camera and get in front of the lens to take pictures WITH your kiddos.

What has been the happiest moment of the year so far? Another difficult one… But, probably a potty trained Marcus. Words cannot accurately describe how magnificent it has been to NOT buy diapers.

What are some things on your Fall Bucket List? Funny thing, we've been steadily checking off items from our Fall Bucket List like champs. Apple picking. Baking Pumpkin Muffies. Attending a post season baseball game. We also have 5,000 lit jack-o-lanterns to see, a pumpkin patch to visit, a football game to take in, and oh-so much more! Isn't this season awesome?

Where are all the places you have lived? Until moving to Los Angeles I never ventured too far from home.
"Home" was Estherville, IA 1983-1993 (for fun, go look up their school mascot - I can't make this stuff up);
Denison, IA 1993-2002;
Ames, IA 2002-2006;
Kansas City 2006-2010;
Los Angeles 2010-present.

Would you rather travel into the future or the past? Probably the past. I'd love to tell the younger DesirĂ©e to love her self a little more.

What do you do on a rainy day? I wouldn't even know where to being. It's been so long since we've had a rainy day. The last time we had a real rainy day we threw on our goulashes, our rain coats, grabbed an umbrella, and played in the puddles. It.was.awesome.

It's time to pass a little sunshine along…
Abby // Is This How Parenting Works?
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Beth // Our Pretty Little Girls
Courtney // Sweet Turtle Soup
Elizabeth // Chasin' Mason
Erin // Homemade Happenings
Kourtney // The Martin's and the Marines
Rachel // Running in NJ
Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me

If you don't see you name, no worries, you're still nominated.

Ladies, if you would, kindly answer my questions in your own post. Then send the sunshine on with your own nominees and your own questions.

My questions for you:
1. For purely selfish reasons, what is your favorite go-to dinner dish? I've long since run out of new, easy, good recipes, and looking to add to our weekly staple rotation!
2. When someone asks for a book recommendation, what is the one book you always suggest?
3. Name a talent you have that others probably don't know about.
4. Sunsets or sunrises?
5. The best way to unwind after a long day is…
6. Any guilty pleasures?
7. What is a character trait you hope people associate with you?
8. Favorite words to live by?
9. If you could go to dinner with any one person (alive or deceased) who would it be, and what are two questions you would be sure to ask them?
10. The last concert you attended that you insist others must see, too.
11. Your favorite blog post - be it yours, or a post written by someone else.


  1. SAD! You made me tear up. I'm pretty sure we would be attached at the hip if we ever lived near each other. :) Someday. Someday.

  2. haha, midgets! Dave's high school mascot was the Cutters - as it cutting school. lol.

  3. Oh my! The story behind your name... so special.

  4. Love learning more about you. Yay Iowa!! I love your post baby body post!

  5. Wow, I didn't know that you have an angel sibling! That's pretty special then for your name! Rhys's name is Welsh for little red-headed warrior. We hoped against hope that he'd have reddish hair like me, and he does!

  6. I'm pretty sure a party should be thrown when potty training is completed! With lots of wine of course :)

  7. You + Me = Forest + Jenny...
    you have to be Forest because you're the runner.

  8. Can't wait until I can say that I don't buy diapers anymore! This kid loves the potty but won't actually go in it.. just pretends! I would so go to the past as well.. tell myself to enjoy life way more than I did! So awesome the people you get to meet through blogging! So glad to have met you :)

  9. It's fun learning new things about some of your favorite bloggers! And I'm totally jealous of you not buying diapers anymore! haha I still have a long road to go with that one! =)

  10. A potty trained kid is a pretty great moment. It is nice to have that extra money in the bank.

    The story of your name is great. It is always fun to find out the stories behind names.

    1. I forgot! Thank you for tagging me! I will hopefully answer my questions this weekend.

  11. So fun getting to know you better! So special how your parents came up with your name. I love it.
    Oh, and a rainy day? What's that? The closest thing I get to rain is taking a shower! lol.
    Thank you so much for the nomination!

  12. The story behind your name is so sweet. I love these posts and getting to know a lil bit more about the bloggers I love! You would totally love living in CO! You still get 4 seasons but in much milder way and lots and lots of sunshine! You could still pretty much run outside all year long!