The Painted Jack-o-Lantern // Fall Bucket List

There have been so many cute fall toddler-friendly arts and crafts floating around the Internet lately, and I was getting a little bummed out by them all. Not because I didn't think they were cute, or creative, or fun. In fact, I thought all those things. What was bumming me out was the fact that my own toddler has all of zero interest in most arts and crafts. Try as I might, none of my cute little artsy ideas has ever captivated Marcus in the slightest.

Then Courtney posted a simple craft that I thought just might bring out the Picasso in Marcus, as well as be the perfect project for our Fall Bucket List.

Like most crafts that I've planned, I set out all the necessary supplies during nap time. I didn't hold my hopes too high, I didn't want to be totally crushed, as I had so many crafts before.
After the pumpkin, paints, and brushes were neatly lined up I took some painters tape and cut out different shapes to be used.

When Marcus woke I had him choose the painters tape shapes he wanted to use for jack-o-lantern eyes, as well as choosing from different styles of jack-o-lantern mouths. 
Marcus kept things very traditional. 

Then, I handed over the paint and paint brushes and held my breath as I sent up prayers that this project would go well.
To my utmost surprise and delight Marcus went to town painting his pumpkin. The only bit I helped with was making sure the jack-o-lantern face had plenty of paint surrounding it, so when the paint was dry and the tape pulled the face would appear. The rest Marcus took full liberty of himself. 

There was even a singular moment of finger painting. 
But let's not totally fool ourselves. That moment of finger painting lasted all of three seconds, and then the request to be cleaned up came immediately after. Someday we'll finger paint. Someday

Thrilled doesn't even touch how I felt about this little project and how well it panned out. The final product has graced our kitchen table ever since completion. 
There will come a day when arts and crafts will be a thing in our house. But for now we're celebrating our painted jack-o-lantern - the only successful craft project we've ever attempted. 

How is your Fall Bucket List coming along? Be sure to link up below with Stephanie, Elizabeth and myself, and let us know what you've been up to!
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  1. He's working so carefully on painting! Good idea to keep him shirtless!

  2. Love that he was sooo into the pumpkin painting! His face is so serious. Glad he enjoyed the craft time!

  3. Such a fun activity for him! Henry loves most things that involve paint.

  4. omg. His little face while he's concentrating is so, so cute. We got a pumpkin for Emma to paint at the pumpkin patch two weeks ago but I've been holding off on the mess. Might have to give this a whirl tonight!

  5. You're such a crafty mom. And personally, a colorful pumpkin is wayy more cheery than a carved face! :)

  6. He looks so intent on his pumpkin! I hope my future kiddos don't like crafts ... I don't have a crafty bone in my body, lol.

  7. Love his intensity! He's a little artiste :) And this post is exactly how I felt when my son finally did a craft project, which was also pumpkin painting earlier this month. Guess it's all about finding the right craft!

  8. So much fun! Good job Marcus. Maybe this will be a good step forward to more fun crafts. And if not that's okay to, someday.

  9. oh my gosh, that is the best pumpkin ever! That is SO amazing that he was into it, and my gosh the concentration. Aria is down with being messy and doing crafts, but she wants it to be over and done within 4 minutes. Easy and cute, totally the way to go.

  10. What Courtney said... BEST. PUMPKIN. EVER. I would seriously keep that on display until it rots. He did a GREAT job. I love his concentration. He worked so hard on that pumpkin and it turned out so well!
    Gives me hope that one day, maybe one day, Mason will do a craft too...

  11. He looks totally into it! He's so serious and focused. You should paint another one for Thanksgiving or any holiday since he had so much fun! His pumpkin looks great and I love his traditional pumpkin face. Oh and way to go mom and on letting him pick his shapes - I am so not that cool :) Oh and ever since Callie discovered paint brushes she wants NOTHING to do with finger paints. She will stop mid painting and insist to clean her hands even while using a brush. Yet the kid loves to "paint" her hands with markers. Toddlers! Yay for pumpkin painting!

  12. I like your idea of putting the eyes and mouth on there so that it stays orange. His turned out so good! I love how hard he is concentrating!! We did our pumpkins last night and Myles painted his. He didn't last very long but it was still fun!