Just Another Week in the Books

This week, while uneventful, and smooth sailing - as far as toddlers go - has also been sans Scott. He's  been gone most of the week with a work training, and we haven't seen too much of him. Marcus and I are both ready for this training to wrap up so we can all return to our regularly scheduled programming.

While we wait for our three-day weekend to get underway (thanks, Columbus Day!), let's  highlight this weeks top five, shall we?

1. Still not Fall here.
We've obviously made a beach trip to mute our autumn weather woes. I mean, if we can't cozy up with soups and hot cocoa we'll take the waves. Can you see the rainbow that was created from the mist of the waves? I'm pretty sure I took at least 57 photos of the waves because they were so awesome.

2.  This guy.
We've been making several trips to the park lately and we have been bringing Drake with us. I forgot how great it is to blow steam from both the toddler and the fur-child. Naps for everyone!

3. Awhile back I painted the inside of our toy closet with chalk paint. Best idea ever.
Someone obviously enjoys it. Clothing optional, per the norm.

4. Snail mail.
What's better than opening your mail box to find a sweet surprise? Not much. One of my favorite ladies, Stephanie, was too sweet and sent this my way. She knows the way to my heart: a hilarious read and band aids to keep my abused runner's feet from getting too torn up.

5. This is happening this weekend.
We're headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend. Whoop whoop! Just look at how little Marcus seems in that photo! How has a whole year passed already?

That's a wrap. Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm sorry you aren't able to enjoy any fall weather...but if you have to any kind of weather other than fall I would totally take beach weather! Have a blast at the pumpkin patch this weekend!!! Take lots of pics =)

  2. love the chalk board closet! I will have to remember that! I've got a couple ideas for locations :) Also that book is amazing! I've read it four times and it makes me laugh and cry every time! Happy Friday! I hope u guys enjoy the long weekend!

  3. Happy Friday! I love the pic of him writing with chalk! I have chalkboard in one of our cupboards, but it's up high for menu use. Possibly in the next house I'll do something more kid-friendly!

  4. I think we will be going to the pumpkin patch this weekend too and probably the rest of the weekends until Halloween comes! I don't know what we are going to do when Halloween is over.. Myles is not going to be happy I know that! And I don't think Christmas is going to take the place of Halloween in his eyes lol! Can't wait to see your trip!

  5. Your toy closet is the best thing EVER.

    Can't wait to see pumpkin patch pics! It was fun to look back on Mace's from last year.


  6. Fall? What fall? Oh yeah, you mean summer. UGH. Over it!
    Love that picture of Marcus! Clothing optional with a pumpkin on his tush. Too cute.
    You guys are going to have so much fun at the pumpkin patch! Don't forget to ride the tractor, pet the animals, and see the pumpkin shoot out of the cannon!