A Royal Season

Wow. The World Series. Who knew baseball could be so emotional? Certainly not this gal.

But, let's rewind just a bit. Simply for the sake of documentation.
This past Saturday Scott and I made the 6.5 hour drive to San Francisco to watch Game 4.

When we arrived to AT&T Park it was impossible to ignore the energy and electricity surrounding the entire place. It was as if the stadium had come alive, and we were there, in the midst of it all, experiencing it.
Seeing AT&T Park on TV is nothing like actually being there. Forever and ever I will always  love me some Kauffman Stadium, but this park was pretty unbelievable, and there was no denying that.
 How cool is it to look into center and left and see the bay?! I'll tell you, it's pretty freaking cool.
 It was also pretty surreal to see the World Series logo on the field. In real life. With the Royals.
Obviously the stadium was filled with Giants fans, but it was impressive to see just how many Royals fans dotted that sea of orange and black. There was even an entire section in blue, and they were LOUD.
I wanted so badly to join that blue group. It would have been even more magical to be surrounded by fellow Royals fans.

The actual game… Well, it was pretty great through the fourth inning, when we were leading 4-0. Then, it kind of all went to Hell in a hand basket. Without going into all the agonizing details, we watched as the 4-0 lead was blown, and the final score was Royals - 4 Giants - 11. Ouch. 

Clearly the end score wasn't what we had hoped it would be. BUT, words cannot express what it was like to be there to experience, be apart of, the World Series
See the faint rainbow in the bay (left third of the picture)? I think it's a sign. We won't be flooded with 29 more years of Royals heartache and World Series-less seasons.
Fast forward back to last night…
Though our Boys in Blue fell to the Giants last night in Game 7, the Royals certainly did something this entire season - not just Games 1-7 of the Series - that hasn't been done in 29 years; they brought the love of baseball back to Kansas City and back to the loyal fans.

To the Royals, thank you so much for a phenomenal season. We can wait to see what 2015 brings!

#BeLoyal #BeRoyal


  1. that section of Royal Blue were Royals employees sent by the Royals - cool huh?
    What a great season - and what an emotional ride.
    Loyal blue until the end.

  2. That is so awesome you got to be there for one of the games! Regardless if they didn't win the World Series they got there and made it all the way to game 7...after 29 years. Pretty sweet!!

  3. Love this. What a great World Series! So awesome that you got to attend!

  4. Seriously, last night's game was AMAZING. I wanted so badly to text you every time something happened but I refrained :) The last inning was the best when the Royals hit the ball and I found myself yelling more than Seth. Haha. I have never wanted someone to win more than right then. They played amazing baseball all season, especially in the end, and I can see a very promising next season for them!
    Next time the Royals are in town, we meet at Angels stadium (which rumor has it might be moving RIGHT next to my house - yay? I'm still undecided about that one)!!!

  5. Your pictures are awesome! I never knew where the stadium was.. what a location!! That view is amazing! It was crazy here after the game last night, but we were all rooting for the Royals here! Glad you guys had a good time though!

  6. That rainbow, how cool!!!! And totally awesome to watch the game AND the bay at the same time!

  7. Love that you got to be there for one of the games!!! :)

  8. so great. I guess I'm a fan now because living here during this post season has been great! Dave took the kids to the K during Game 6. They didn't have tickets to the game, but they were able to get pretty close and see some and definitely hear! I didn't want to go because I didn't think it would be worth it, but it sounds like it really was cool!

  9. I almost cried Wednesday night when they lost. I thought for sure they would win the series since they were at home. I love how it brought the city together again, and we showed the country how great the city can be.

  10. I have always thought that, that stadium must be insanely gorgeous. Your pics definitely confirmed that. Such an awesome memory.