Some Fall Swag

Before Fall really got under way a few ladies and myself teamed up to co-host a bloggers swag swap. If there's anything I love as much as the season itself, it's getting to know other blogging ladies, and a box of goodies sent to and from each other.

I've participated in a few swaps like this before, and each swap has been a great. This experience was a fabulous as each prior experience.

D was my partner, and she and I really hit if off via email correspondence. We have no less than 14 emails back and forth. I've also enjoyed following along on her blog and fitness journey. To check our her story head over to a different d.

Moving along to the awesome goodies D sent…
The wrapping right at the get go was awesome. One of my favorite things about gift giving is presentation. It was fun to see D enjoys gift presentation as much as me.

Each of the items was individually wrapped with a cute little note attached to each.

As I opened each I got little goosebumps. It was like D has known me for years and picked out the perfect things to send my way.
A closer look at D's favorite fall things, which just so happen to be some of my favorite things, too!

A pumpkin grow kit for Marcus and me to try out! I'm no green thumb, but if I can pull this off I think I'll become a saint in Marcus' eyes (he's developed quiet the little love affair with pumpkins lately).

THIS delicious smelling candle. Oh my gosh, it's heavenly. I opened it and immediately the room was full of this sweet aroma. It's my new favorite scent.

I'm sort of slightly obsessed with notebooks, note pads, what have you. This is easily the cutest notebook in my collection. And, I love how D pointed out the pink, and to support breast cancer, especially during the month of October.

Outkast! They're from the ATL (which is where D is from - showing some hometown pride), and though D may not know it, they are one of my favorites! I have so many great memories from college that had Outkast blasting in the background.

Football, representing! So long as the Falcons aren't playing the Chiefs I'll be cheering the Falcons on!

D, I can't thank you enough for the sweet and thoughtful gifts that you picked out. Everything is just perfect.
To the ladies who helped co-host this, thank you! It's was such a successful swap, I hope we can do it again next season!
Candra - Camo and Lipstick
Desirée - Macke Monologues 
Shelli - Beauty and the Baseball Coach
Erin - Homemade Happenings
To all the ladies who participated in the swap this year, thank you, too! I hope your experience was as fabulous as the season of fall itself!

If you participated in the swag swap be sure to link up with us (linky below)!


  1. What fun gifts. And I love how creative D was with her purchases for you!

  2. This swap was so much fun!! And you got some great stuff!! 😃

  3. What a cute idea! You got some great stuff! Love that t-shirt!

  4. What cute fall stuff! You can't go wrong with Outkast!!! That notebook is super cute too - love the bright colors! So glad you hosted this gift exchange!!

  5. That was a super great package!!! She nailed it!

  6. What a fun swap! I love getting presents in the mail and making new friends! You got some great Fall treats too. I'm so into national sports gear even though I'm not then biggest sports fan, it's just one of my things!

  7. What an awesome package!!! I love how you can connect with someone in just a few short emails and it's like they've known you forever. It was like that with my partner too. She did awesome! Thanks for hosting such a fun swap!

  8. oh no, I missed the link up! loved the swap!