We Can Be Royal

There has been so much AMAZING happening in the last week, I can barely handle all of it. Let's just get to it, because I'm beside myself with excitement.

This week's highlights:

1. In an *EIGHT GAME SWEEP* the Royals clenched the ALCS title - we're headed to the World Series, baby!
It's been so awesome watching the boys in blue this post season.
Check out this most fantastic parody of Lorde's Royals - all my KC Royals loving peeps will appreciate it immensely.

2. Wait. What?! Is this real life?!!
As we watched the Giants punch their ticket to the World Series Scott and I knew this was a once in a life time thing. So, we did what any sane couple with a child, and no easily accessible overnight/weekend child care would do (also known as, no family within 1500 miles), we secured tickets to Game 4 of the Series.

3. Not to be overshadowed by baseball, Scott and I are headed to San Diego this weekend to watch the Chiefs play the Chargers.
2011 - a tiny little Marcus is hiding snugly underneath my Chiefs shirt. :)
Last time we saw the Chiefs just so happened to be at Qualcomm in 2011, Chargers won 20-17. Let's hope this go-around the Chiefs have a more favorable outcome!

4. In non-Kansas City sports related news… This little fella has become my new best friend, and most recent obsession.
The Jawbone: a bracelet like device that tracks number of steps taken and sleep patterns.
Number of steps taken. Sleep pattern. Quick break down. Checking in consistently.
 I love checking out my stats multiple times a day. I'm such a nerd.

5. I'm running my miles Red.
Nike+ has teamed up with Bank of America. For each mile run forty cents is donated to the global fund to fight AIDS. Just another reason to love running. My miles are doing good for more than just me. If you use the Nike+ app I strongly encourage you to take the pledge. It costs nothing, and simply requires you to log into your account, and the miles are tracked automatically. To make your pledge, and start making your miles count for more, head HERE!

Phew - so much awesome all rolled into one!
Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. I'll fly to LA to watch Marcus! LOL.

    No really though.

  2. Yay!! Have you heard the Matthew West Royals song?? It's awesome!! How fun that you guys are getting to go to all of the games!! I'm a little jealous :) PS ~ What made you decide JawBone over a FitBit or any of the other billions of things out there? My fitbit is MIA (aka my daughter "borrowed" it and now it's lost)...

  3. there is so much awesome!! Congrats on the World Series! That's so exciting and you had to get tix and head up to San Fran for the game!!! and yay for a trip to sams Diego too! enjoy your wkmd and can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. Yay Royal! It's so fun that you get the chance to see them play! I sometimes wish we had a pro team closer. I mean, the Iowa Cubs are great and all...but yeah.

  5. I'm not even going to tell Derek that you're going to Chiefs AND the Royals games. SUPER jealous. I've signed him up for every contest possible and if he wins a ticket, I'm just flying him home. So sad that he missed it all!

  6. SO FUN that you get to go to San Fran!!! Royals-Giants should be a fun match up to watch.

  7. I love that you love sports as much as me!! Michael and I were watching the SF game last night and I was just like WOW. Amazing ending. Truth be told, I'd love to see KC win so GO ROYALS!! (You never heard me say that. Michael would kill me being the die hard Yankees fan he is haha) Enjoy your trip to San Diego!!

  8. So exciting all the sports going on with you guys! If you guys being Marcus with, we would love to meet up with you guys in San Fran! I love the idea of that bracelet too. I have a Polar but I really want something to tract my sleep bc it is so bad some nights and I'm always wondering if there is a pattern or some reason on certain nights.

  9. YAY!!!!!! Oh my gosh, how EXCITING that not only are the Royals in the WORLD SERIES but they get to play the Giants and YOU GET TO GO! You are so right, this may be a once in a lifetime thing, so that is so amazing that you are going! Even though it's not my team, I must admit, I'm pretty jealous and excited for you!
    Is that bracelet like a FitBit? But cheaper maybe? I've been thinking about one but they are kinda pricey...

  10. Yay! That is so much awesome in one post! Love it!
    Enjoy your San Diego trip... that's gonna be SO fun!
    You just convinced me to download Nike+ and take the challenge! What an awesome cause AND it will motivate me to run further ;)

  11. I really want to go to the world series but it costs too much. :(