Post Season // Fall Bucket List

My entire life I've been a lover of sports, whether playing or simply being a spectator, sports has played an integral part of my life.  

I'm a fan for life, none of this fair-weather bandwagon business. 

The only issue with 'my' teams is that I seem to be drawn to teams that are mediocre, at best. My ISU Cyclones. The Kansas City Chiefs. The Kansas City Royals. Apparently I am a glutton for punishment… In my entire existence, I can't remember rooting for 'my' team in a championship game of any sort. A sad but true confession. 

So, when 'my' Royals set off to play baseball in October it was (and still is) a pretty big deal. And, when we learned the Royals would be playing the Angels, in Anaheim, it wasn't even a question if we were going to attend one of the ALDS games or not. We were. 

Our Fall Bucket List unexpectedly had another item added to it. It's not every year 'our' team is playing baseball in October, so attending a game was an absolute must. 

I know the Fall Bucket List is a family bucket list, but Scott and I knew 1) Marcus would never remember/appreciate going to an ALDS game 2) If we brought Marcus the experience wouldn't be much fun for anyone. In good conscience we left Marcus at home to do all the fun stuff that only happens when baby-sitters are around. Scott and I whisked away to have a bit of a date-night, as well as to check an item off our Life Bucket List, as well as our Fall Bucket List.

We did a little tailgating.
If you're used to tailgating in the Midwest chances are you will be sorely disappointed by the tailgating in other regions. Just trust me on this.
We found our seats, and had a fellow Royals fan take the obligatory field photo.

We watched some pre-game awesomeness, and honored the nation's flag.

We met up with one of our great friends, Barb, who happens to be from KC but lives in SoCal, and loves the Royals, too.

We watched a great game and were treated to an outstanding sunset.
The stadium. The mountains in the distance. The sunset. Gorgeous.
WE WON!!!!

And then we celebrated.
It was such a crazy, awesome, blood rushing, heart pumping kind of experience. Baseball in October is NOT like baseball any other time of year. 

Perhaps when Marcus is a little older, and with high hopes that 'our' teams will be this good in the future, we will be able to share this kind of experience with him, as well. 

What items have you been crossing off your Fall Bucket List? 
Link up with these lovely ladies, and me, and tell us all the fun you've been having!


  1. Such a fun event! We are Twins fans and would do the same if they made the playoffs!

  2. im glad you got to do this! so fun.

  3. That's so fun that you got to go! I bet it was a blast! And I am absolutely loving that sunset picture :)

  4. That is awesome! The whole thing! Even getting to do it just you two. So exciting, I'll keep my fingers for you guys in the future so you can go as a family =)

  5. So much fun, that looks like an AWESOME date night. So glad you go to go, and experience worth waiting for I bet!

    Here is hoping that the Cards wrap things up for us tonight!

  6. What a great game you were able to go to! So fun!!

  7. I so agree with you... kids and baseball games, especially such a big/expensive/memorable one don't mix. We love taking Mason to the Angels games but we usually spend $10-20 on the tickets and not $50-100. We know that the game won't be fully enjoyed since we have to entertain and feed and occupy him in a small seat all while making sure he doesn't kick the person in the head who is sitting in front of us. So glad you guys were able to have a date night and enjoy the game! Seriously, what an awesome experience!

  8. If you wanna get technical, you could use this in place of your watch a football game task. I mean, it's not like this happens all the time.

    And I've heard that tailgating here in TX is pretty fierce but I'm sure it's NOTHING like what we do back home. #dirtyD

  9. This post gave me chills. You were at such a great game!! Yeah, Royals!!

  10. How exciting for you!?! That stadium is huge and packed full! So awesome that it worked out to be a date night for you guys! We people rude or mean when you guys won?