Hot Lil' Hand

I've been so excited to share this post that it's taken every ounce of restraint not to post it sooner. There were a few things that I needed to properly line up and get solidified, but once the stars aligned I could.not.wait. to hit the publish button.

It comes as no secret that running is kind of my thing. It keeps me sane, happy, and healthy. There's a small arsenal of items that I consider *must haves* every time I head out the door to pound the pavement and I wanted to share them with you. 

1. THIS pepper spray!! 
Oh my gosh, how did I not know of Damsel in Defense, and their amazing line of self defense products before a few weeks ago? 
This Hot Lil' Hand (how much do you love that product name?!) is about the greatest invention ever. I simply slip on the grip glove, which keeps the pepper spray in place, and I have a pretty good line of defense should I need it. 

Damsel in Defense has so many amazing products that are perfect for runners, walkers, or simply if you're out and about and alone. 

So often when we talk about running we talk about our pace, or a PR, or the next goal. Not often enough is the spotlight on what we do to stay safe while we're racking up the miles. I figured it was time to change that! Are you safe when you run??
Stick around, I've got some pretty sweet stuff regarding Damsel in Defense and the Hot Lil' Hand a little further along in the post.

2. Along with my new, cute pepper spray, here are the other must-have items that keep me trucking along.
No, I don't carry the Nikon with me when I run. Though some days I wish I did.
So much stuff, but all of it necessary, even that little guy in the lower left corner!!
Proper (and cute) running clothes, as well as GOOD running shoes (go get your feet evaluated and fit for the shoe that best suits YOUR foot)!
1. A solid music selection and good ear phones. What's more annoying than earphones that pop out when you're woking out? Basically nothing.
2. The watch that keeps my pace in check. Monitor pace, distance, and the like. Need it!
3. The runner's fanny pack. Ok, that's not what it's really called, but it's essentially what it is. Some H20 and some shot blocks for those long runs.
4. Runner ID. Just in case I collapse/pass out/become unconscious. My info and emergency contact info is all strapped securely to my shoe.
5. Head band! Fly away hair is the worst. Gotta keep that mane under wraps. 

Not pictured: my running sunglasses. 
3. Lately my running and workouts have been challenging, but overall good, and I'm really enjoying them. Perhaps pushing a 20 pound BOB with a 35 pound passenger is better than I thought it might be. And, I'm LIKING strength training days. Who am I?!!! 
4. The Fall Virtual 5k is in four weeks, and I've been loving all the InstaGram, Facebook and blog updates from the participants. Keep it up, ladies! I can't wait to see everyone's results in a few short weeks. Speaking of races, my friend (hi, Julie!) knows me too well. This popped up in my messenger the other day:
I've been DYING to run a Rock n' Roll!! Now, to get signed up and put a training program in place…
5. Remember that Hot Lil' Hand I mentioned (see number one for a refresher)? Damsel in Defense Pro, Jennifer, has graciously agreed to team up with me to give one away to one lucky reader! 

Please, for the love of running, enter this raffle. Entering is easy and you won't get any junk mail because of your raffle entries (I pinky swear).

If you'd like to know more about the products you can host a Power Hour where a Damsel Pro will visit you, and all your favorite running/walker buddies, and show you the amazing line of products and how each product works (click HERE to find a Pro in your area).  You can also browse and buy the Damsel in Defense products simply by clicking HEREYou can order your Damsel products through me until Monday, September 1!

If you find several products you love (I've got my eye on the Kubotans!) and spend $50 you will receive the Hope Pouch O' Pepper Spray, for FREE! (Five percent of all the Hope Pouches go to support Wipe Every Tear, an organization that rescues girls from sex trafficking in the Phillippines.)     

Ok, now share this with your friends and get entered to win the Hot Lil' Hand!!
Giveaway rules:
Contest runs Friday, August 22 (12:00AM) to Wednesday, August 28 (12:00AM).
Winner will be drawn, at random, by Rafflecopter.com.
Winner will be contacted via email, and has 24 hours to claim his/her prize.
Must be a US resident.
Must be 18 years or older to win.
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  1. I LOVE this!!! give me all the pepper spray! and I NEED one of those pack a punch stun guns! (in purple!) for real, this is amazing! I live in a very small peaceful town but there are crazies everywhere, even Small Town USA!

  2. I think that hand held pepper spray would be great!

  3. I would feel so much comfortable running at night if I had this!

  4. I'm a damsel pro, you can order from my website and it ships directly to you! www.MyDamselPro.net/TeresaL

  5. These are such good tips! Though I can't say I am an avid runner, I never thought of some of these things. Going out alone even on a walk or to the park with Mason, if something ever happened to me, nobody would know who I was! That alone is so helpful to know. Thank you for sharing!

  6. The pepper spray is a great idea! I have to run either early morning or later at night. The pepper spray would make me feel a bit safer knowing I had one line of defense.

  7. I usually run with mace tucked in my pant waist band so this could be pretty handy :).

  8. I really should start carrying pepper spray. We've had a couple girls attacked on the greenway I run on!