A Festival {{Summer Bucket List}}

Summer is quickly dwindling, and one of the last things I wanted to do with the little man before this glorious season is said and done is attend a festival. I wasn't too particular as to what type of festival, I mean, every town has one, it was just a matter of actually getting to one.

Well, fortunate for us, we're spending a little time in one of our favorite places. While here we caught wind from Sally of a balloon festival not too terribly far from us. Naturally I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

As we check off the last thing from 2014 Summer Bucket List here are Fridays Fives highlighting The National Balloon Classic.

1. THESE TWO!! Once again they were reunited, and by gosh, if they didn't actually interact! Not only did they play together, they were able to blow some serious steam by running endlessly in a huge grassy field.
They held hands. Heart exploded.
2. After all that energy was expelled it was time. The balloons began their ascension. Marcus was hooked. He couldn't take his eyes off the massive balloons.

3. A smattering of rain found us, but that didn't deter anyone - including Grandma - from the spectacle in the sky.
The sight of Marcus snuggled up with Grandma to keep dry, warm, and cozy while watching the balloons take flight may have been the best part of all for me.
4. After a good dozen balloons took to the skies, and the rain fell a bit heavier, the boys found fun in our umbrellas. When life hands you lemons you make lemonade!
Lower left photo credit: Sally

5. It was a pretty mellow festival. But perfect for us. And, seeing these two have the time of their lives? Best festival ever.
They're going to grow up to be the best of friends. I just know it.
Right photo credit: Sally
What's even better, Marcus is going to experience something very similar to this with his *other* Grandma and Grandpa in just a few days.

Have you wrapped up your Bucket List? Be sure to link up and share the lasts bits of summer fun!


  1. That is too sweet! Grassy fields = hours of entertainment and some tired kiddos. We have a balloon festival here every summer too for the 4th of July. Of course I was too wrapped up in that effing wedding to enjoy any of it with Em this year though.

  2. This looks like so much fun!! We have a huge hot air balloon race here in September. I think Jackson would probably love it this year.

  3. Sad that the rain didn't allow you to see some of the cooler balloons like the pirate parrot or the gigantic dog! Still fun though!!

  4. That is awesome! Not sure if we have anything like this around, but we do have the downtown Disney balloon that is fun to watch go up and down as we go about our downtown Disney business. An open field was always the best as a kid! Esp with a friend. So cute that they really played together, and held hands. And then he snuggled up with grandma! I wish we had snuggle weather haha. Such a great outing!

  5. That looks so awesome! Look at the boys playing together like that too! :) So cute! I'm pretty sure Callie would have ran after the balloons yelling 'Come back balloons!" and "I need that balloon!"

  6. Cool! Always wanted to attend one. In Cedar Rapids for their 4th festival that runs 2 1/2 weeks long (yea, they over do it) they have what's called the Balloon Glow. The balloons don't take off but at dusk they fill up and get all lit from inside. We never went while living up there but it sounds amazing to see.

  7. Those boys are so sweet! I love the hugs and hand holding.

  8. Oh I love the balloons. In Ohio we have a pretty large balloon festival, but this year the wind got in the way.

  9. When were you guys there? We were there on opening night for Mass Ascension. 75 balloons, amazing!! Love the photos!!

  10. Oh my gosh! I could NOT LOVE this more!!! The hand holding... the balloons. SO MUCH FUN!!!

  11. I love watching this friendship grow! They are so sweet together now and I am sure it will only get better too! Myles was the same way with his bestie. It took them a while, but they have started to play together a bit as well. Little boy friends are the cutest!

  12. Such beautiful pictures and looks like such a good time! I now want to go to a balloon festival, haha.