Fancy Tacos

Normally I don't do many posts like this, but every once in a while you visit a place that is cool enough you feel compelled to share. While there's nothing flashy or showy about our latest little adventure I could't help but share in the fun and uniqueness…

All of a sudden Taco Bell has gone fancy-schmancy. You read correctly. Taco Bell, fancy, in the same sentence. I thought it was all a big joke until my sister-in-law sent an article on this mythical upscale Taco Bell restaurant located in Huntington Beach.

I would categorize my in-laws somewhat as foodies. So, when my mother-in-law and father-in-law were visiting and heard of the news of this fancy Taco Bell they convinced me we needed to take a day trip to HB.

Let's be real. It doesn't take a whole lot of convincing to get me to go to a beach, especially Huntington Beach.

Off we went!
Never in a million years would I have thought that a restaurant run by Taco Bell would be cute, and the food outstanding. 
U.S. Taco Co. is this cute, chic, hip little joint located just off the beach. The decor is this funky eclectic mix that just works.
These fancy tacos ranged anywhere from $4 to $10 per taco. You can pretty much get six meals from a regular Taco Bell for $10!
And, the tacos. Yes, give me all the tacos. I had the Wanna Get Lei'd taco (of course I did), which was grilled Mahi Mahi topped with cabbage, cilantro, a mango salsa, and some sort of creamy sauce. I'll take 12 more of those, please and thank you.

You'd think I was getting paid to promo this place, but I'm not. I just thought it was that cool and that good.

After our adorable al fresco meal we meandered through the beach community and made our way to the beach.
Oh, that beach… While I really enjoy the beach we frequent, HB is the epitome of Southern California.
The beach itself is wide, the sands are soft and clean, little to no sea weed washes ashore, and the crowd is easy going. Just the right mix of surfers and sun bathers, tourists and locals.
 We also took the opportunity to take Marcus' monthly pictures.
And a selfie.

No beach trip would be complete without a little ice cream, or in our case, gelato.
I couldn't help but snap a few shots of the character of Huntington.
Gosh, I wish HB was just a little bit closer to us. In good traffic we can get there in 45 minutes. In bad traffic… Oy.
I'm no expert on beach communities in California. But, if you were to take a trip to the coast I'd urge you to fore go Santa Monica (so touristy!), Venice (so many crazies - for real!), or even Malibu (unless you're rich). The charm of Huntington Beach will leave you longing to go back before you've even left - and the tacos are pretty exceptional as well.


  1. Reason 35672 why I NEED to live closer to/on the beach. Those tacos -- give them all to me. YUM!

  2. Cool! HB looks like somewhere I need to visit! And that taco? Yummy!

  3. That taco looks delicious! I can't believe it is owned by Taco Bell.

  4. I love finding new places that make me excited to share with others.

  5. That IS fancy!!! I love the regular t-bell (I'm weird) so I'm sure this place would knock my socks off!

  6. Looks so good!! And i'm so jealous of you beachy areas!!!

  7. I'm so jealous of your beaches! Up here they look beautiful but you don't get the big sand and ability to go in the water (too cold for me). The beach is my happy place and yours always make me want to drive 7 hours to go there. And now fancy tacos, amazing! Yup going there for sure now!

  8. I definitely never knew that Taco Bell owned another sort of restaurant. Looks much tastier!

  9. Eeeekkk! You were SO CLOSE to me! I have heard of that place actually through someone else recently. Must be good then! I'll have to check it out!