Fall Swap Sign-Up

Today's the day! Don't forget to sign up for the Fall Swag Swap!

Three lovely ladies and myself are hosting this fun little exchange to celebrate the most wonderful season of all. We'd love for you to join us!
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The swap rules are pretty straight forward.

  • You have to have a blog.
  • You have to live within the US.
  • A minimum of $20 and 5 items need to be included in the exchange.
  • You must contact your partner during the exchange, no later than 3 days prior to sending your packages - that's the best part - meeting new people!!!

Tuesday, September 2 an email will be sent out with the partner matches.

Joining the fun is pretty easy. You can either:
A) email me your name and contact info (email, blog name and http). From there I can get all the necessary info to the peeps who need it
B) directly contact Erin at aemcguire@msn.com and she will get you squared away.

Get ready for all things pumpkin!!!


  1. like I told Shelly, this ALMOST makes me wanna blog again! hfave fun ladies!

  2. This will be a first for me. Excited to participate in the fun!

  3. God bless America... It's almost Fall! Count me in for the fall swag swap :)

  4. You know I'm down! I can't wait to "meet" a new blogger!

  5. This sounds so fun!!! Did you post about this before and I just missed it? I think I'd like to participate but is there more info somewhere on what I would need to do? :)