Grandparents, Van Gogh, and a Mini Vacation

There is so much good stuff going on right now, I don't even know where to begin. I'm not sure I can even squeeze all the random awesomeness into five little bullet points. But, here's to trying!

It's Friday, you know the drill…

1. Grandma and Grandpa Macke were here for a few days, and before they left we made sure to take them to a few of our favorite places. Like, the park with the stream, waterfall, and ducks that just love to be fed.
A trip to "our" beach was a must.

2. Thanks to the visit of Grandma and Grandpa, I was able to slip out for a girls night. The time with some good girl friends was very much needed. The ladies and I had the best time painting, grabbing dinner, and sipping on some very good wine.
I was in the best of company. But, that painting. Ugh. I'm not sure which closet it's going to grace.
3. On a whim I signed up for yet another race. Who am I?! Usually these kind of things are very calculated with meticulous planning and training. This will be the second race I've signed up for less than a week from race day. And, it looks like it's going to be a doozy.
Conquer the Bridge 5.3 Miles Race :: Over that bridge. And then back again. It doesn't look too bad, but trust me when I say the incline (twice!) on that bad boy is going to be INTENSE!

4.  This has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that I am admitting a guilty pleasure - trashy TV. This is seriously the only smutty TV I watch. Otherwise if the TV is on it's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But, did you see who the next Bachelor is going to be?! Farmer Chris!! The best part? He's from IOWA! Tell me he isn't about the dreamiest farmer you've ever seen.

5. At 4:00PM Sunday this Grandma will land in L.A. and stay with us for a bit.
We are beyond excited!
Grandma Kathy's visit may or may not also mean I am going to hop on a plane and visit Scott while he wraps up the last few days of his work trip. That place may or may not be pictured below.
To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. Not only will I get to travel without a toddler (the first time in well over a year!), and see Scott, I'm so freaking pumped to run the National Mall!
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Have a great weekend!


  1. Your painting looks great! I have been wanting to do a girls night at a local Paint & Sip! I'm going to have to get one set up =) Also, I'm a huge fan of the Bachelor, and was beyond excited about Chris being the new Bachelor!!! =) And how awesome that you are going to Washington DC to see your hubby!!

  2. Grandparents are the best! I'm so glad you'll be able to get away for a bit to see Scott. I know it's been awhile now! :)

  3. I love the painting. awesome that you are going to D.C.!

  4. Oh yeah! Iowa represent! That's so awesome that you're going to get to go to DC! I want to go back there someday!

  5. WOW this post is full of so much awesomeness I love it! It just made me excited for you! I think your painting looks awesome (as have your previous ones!). Yay for a flight alone and to get to see the hubby for a few days toddler free! You're on quite the kick with races but I love it! Can't wait to hear your race reprot! Good luck!

  6. Good luck with the race! Running over a bridge is horrible and rewarding at the same time.

    I am going to live vicariously through you during your trip. A trip without a toddler around sounds wonderful. Plus, I have never been to DC.

  7. The incline will SUCK but the sights will be AWESOME! Enjoy having your mom in town!

  8. i am so glad you get to see scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats going to be a good post :) :)
    is gma dudding working on a big boy room?!!?!
    and CHRIS. YES. love love love him. ill totally be watching!

  9. What an exciting Friday post! I hope the duck is still there when you run; a fun distraction :) And how cool is it that you get to go to DC.. with Scott.. without toddler! I can't wait to see all the stuff you do and all the pictures you take will be amazing as usual! Good on your race too!

  10. You guys do the best things! What an action packed week!

  11. I know I'm so behind but there is so much greatness in this post! I hope you're having an awesome time in DC! Take a good, long nap just for me. :)

  12. Are you sure you're not at my house? Seriously, we're either watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, baseball, or reality tv (which I guess I could classify baseball as as well since it is reality technically but my husband would freak! ha!). So excited for Farmer Chris!