Some Pretty Tall Ships

Remember the giant rubber ducky (of course you do)? Well, he didn't go too far. Actually, he helped parade in 13 pretty amazing tall ships into the Port of Los Angeles for the Tall Ships Festival.
I found the ships to be fascinating. Marcus found the duck to be the real show stopper. Obviously.

After the conclusion of the parade we were able to get up close and personal with the tall ships - which to me looked a lot like the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The ships didn't do much for Marcus. After the coveted ducky sighting the kid was out for the count for most of our festival experience.
Duck? Check. Nap? On it.
With the pint-sized passenger knocked out it gave Grandma, Grandpa, and me a little time to hop on board the American Pride.
The ship was simply gorgeous. And, I'm really glad I'm not the one in charge of all those ropes and sails and whatnot. Eek.

Eventually the mini-matey woke up to catch the last half of our tall ships adventure, and just in time to spot this slightly out of place vehicle…
The Wiener Mobile?! I'm confused…

We continued with our ship gawking, and managed to snag a few decent photo op moments.
Tall Ships Festival, we weren't sure what to expect from you, but you did not disappoint. Though the festival is over the rubber ducky has been such a huge hit that he's sticking around until Labor Day! Maybe we'll take one more peek before he heads back to sea.


  1. This looks like so much fun! And what a beautiful day - just gorgeous!

  2. LOVE, haha! I still can't believe you saw the wiener mobile! Those ships are amazing in picture I can't even imagine the real thing, so cool.

  3. That duck. hahahaha
    He looks so stinkin cute snoozing in the stroller. :)

  4. HE SLEEPS LIKE THAT?!!! Between that and the mummy.......he wins. He just wins.

    And you already know that I hate deep ships.

  5. Hehe, the weiner mobile made me giggle.
    I'm surprised he was able to get a cat nap in! And his hands on his little face while he slept, SO cute!

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love seeing your shots when you share them here!

  6. The duck is really the best. I'm with Marcus. Shop stopper. Those boats are oh so pretty. They have something...boaty and old that sailed up the coast. I guess still is. And, clearly I'm remembering the details well. It sounded cool but I missed it's FL port-ing(?) by like a week. I heard about it after it left. Replicas...of old ships. It sounded like something fun to go take a look at, I was hoping it would come back down this way after it hit it's north point.

  7. Pahhhlease let me come spend the weekend with you. I need THIS. ALL OF THIS. in my life.

  8. Those ships are beautiful! Wow! I know they're modern but they make me think of old fashioned sail boats - like the big ships they had back in the day! How cool you were able to go on one too! I would've thought all the bits about a sailboat would've keep marcus entertained although a nap and a duck probably are more cool for a 2yr old! :)

  9. I've seen the Duck before! I have to admit it IS pretty darn cool. This looks like such a fun festival. We have a similar one here on the East Coast but I've never been to see it! This makes me want too!

  10. All those ropes and pulleys would confuse me. I am so glad I don't work on a ship, but I love visiting them.

  11. How sweet is that pic of him sleeping! Sleeping babes are the best! I'm going to have to check out if this is coming our way. I couldn't miss the opportunity to see that thing!

  12. I'm so late to the parade on this post but I'm wondering... is the duck still there?!?!?! Are the ships still there?!?! Are you busy next week Saturday? Maybe we can make a trip up!