Since joining up with Jenny to co-host the Fall Virtual 5k (#djv5k) I made a mental goal to post something about running, once a week, leading up to the race.
This week I had one really challenging run on a trail at the nature preserve in my home town. As I was running I noticed I had crossed every bridge along the trial. 
I was hoping the difficult run, the beauty of the scenery, and the crossing of each bridge would spark something really motivational to write about. 
Instead, all I could really bring from it all was my run was hard, and my surroundings were pretty. And, even though no earth shattering running advice, or inspirational thoughts were brought about, I was reminded of how lucky I am to have the ability to run. 
With that, I'll leave you with this running prayer. 


Run by my side; live in my heartbeat;
give strength to my steps. 

As the cold surrounds, and the wind pushes me, I know you surround me. 

As the sun warms me, as the rain cleanses me, I know you are touching me, challenging me, loving me. 

And so I give you this run. 

Thank you for matching my stride. 



  1. Love that red bridge! What a pretty place to run - is it a busy trail? Seems like we get more (excuse me for this) bitchers around here about a new trail going in then supporters. Sucks.

  2. I love your picturesque runs! So beautiful!

  3. What a gorgeous run! I need to find scenery like that for my runs.

  4. Gorgeous scenery! I love bridges!

  5. Man I wish I had somewhere like that to run. Such beautiful scenery would be a nice and very welcomed distraction. GORGEOUS!

  6. amen!
    this made me want to get out and run!
    to my mailbox maybe. ;)

  7. Seriously, Iowa is SO gorgeous!!! You're giving me the vacation itch :)

  8. What a beautiful run! I really need to get out of my neighborhood and run different places more often! And you're a genius posting on running each week - I've been meaning to do the same but I've been a bit behind on blogging :)