Prairie Fire {{Friday's 5}}

If it hasn't already become apparent, Marcus and I have been fortunate to get to spend some more of our summer in the Midwest. Since our return we haven't wasted a single minute. We have been constantly on the go exploring new things.

Our latest summer adventure landed us at the Prairie Fire Museum, which leads us right into Friday's Fives. 

1. This building. I may or may not have taken an excess number of photos of it. But seriously, how could you not? Just look at it. 
2. Toddlers always prove to make any outing interesting. I had grand plans of our two toddlers enjoying some culture like civilized human beings while the adults quietly hung back to let them explore. Ha. We lasted all of 15 minutes inside, snagged a few photo ops, and were then chasing the boys around like we were at a relay race and not a museum. Fun times for my anxiety... 
3. We moved our energy outside, and immediately the little guys seemed much happier with our transition. I mean, what is more fun than scaling retaining walls and balance-walking said walls with Grandpa? For Marcus and his cousin Clark, basically nothing. 
4. Marcus and I had a little moment where I caught a frog, and for a short while Marcus was captivated by the tiny green amphibian.
5. Don't think for a second I wasn't going to use this backdrop for a million photo opportunities. 
Once again, the way I pictured our day and the way it actually happened are totally different. But, that's not to say we didn't have a great time and the boys didn't expel some serious energy. Wins all around in my book. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. That's the world's tiniest frog! Love it! Such an adventure! Looks like ya'll had tons of fun!

  2. I love that building too. did you ever get my email last time about getting together? maybe this time we can??

  3. That building is amazing! Your pictures turned out really great to, very cool.

  4. Your face in the frog photos.. you look so concerned? I'm laughing because in my head, it's you trying to get Marcus to be gentle because as we all know, gentle is hard to come by for little ones. Especially boys.

  5. you are SO beautiful!
    and so full of fun!

  6. What an amazing building! So colorful. So artistic!! I can't blame you for taking tons of photos of it! Heck, if I was there I would totally do the same haha

  7. That building is insane.

    Awesome group pic with mamas and boys!!

  8. You seriously go to the COOLEST places. I want to visit Iowa! That museum is insanely gorgeous and I want to visit!

  9. That is the most amazing building ever!

  10. This is the exact play by play when I took Myles to a wildlife museum a couple weeks ago. We spent like 10 minutes inside and then 30 in the play area and outside lol. That building is awesome though. Was it all stained glass?