A Giant Rubber Ducky

So, here's a post. About a rubber ducky. A giant rubber ducky. You might think I'm kidding. But, I'm not.
The duck is SIX STORIES tall!
See? Giant rubber ducky. 
L.A. hosted a Tall Ships Festival, and we (obviously) attended. While the ships were amazing, and I'll be posting about them soon (as in, tomorrow), the rubber ducky was a pretty big hit with our resident 2-year old.
There's actually a legit story behind the ducky…
If you didn't read the sign above, long story short: in 1992 a shipping crate from Hong Kong to Tacoma, WA was lost at sea. The crate held 29,000 plastic bath toys. In the last 20 years bath toys have been floating around the world and washing up on shores. 
Where and when the bath toys have been found.
 A good portion of our morning was spent gawking at the inflatable bath toy.
Please excuse my awesome ensemble. I had literally just finished a run when one of my girl friends text me and said we needed to get to the harbor - ASAP - to see the duck. So, straight from run to duck I went, hot sweaty mess and all.
At one point a local Chinese television station thought Marcus would be a good interview. 
While I didn't actually catch the segment on TV I have a pretty strong suspicion Marcus' little piece didn't make the cut.

The ducky, though slightly odd, was really cool. The best part? Grandma and Grandpa Macke were in town, so we were able to share the experience with them!
For a little perspective: Marcus is holding an actual rubber ducky bath toy next to the giant rubber ducky. 
Didn't get enough of the massive duck? Don't worry, we didn't either. There's more of the duck to come.


  1. thats so cool! reading the story behind it, didnt Disney Jr or something just do a little cartoon movie about this same concept? Im pretty sure Marissa was watching it a month or so ago!

  2. I'm pretty sure Emma would lose her shit. Her ducks have been her best friends in the bath for almost all of her existence. How funny about Marcus' interview too!

  3. LOL, the interview! Awesome! :)

    The duck made the news here in Eastern Iowa! :)

  4. That is awesome. It would have been a bit embarrassing how excited I would have been if I got to see the huge duck, lol. And here I thought seeing the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile was cool ;).

  5. That duck is huge! Meeghan loves ducks so she would have loved this.

    I am pretty sure I now know where the Disney movie, "Lucky Duck" came from. :)

  6. That's amazing. Love the map of where they've been found!

  7. THAT IS SO COOL!!! i have been seeing that duck pop up on instagram!
    gosh. you live in the coolest place ever.

  8. I saw him on tv and so wished we lived closer (and I wasn't at work!). That is SO cool that you guys got to see it!!!

  9. that suck is so cool! I also kinda love the floating sucks in the ocean story. I mean ok not good the stuff fell into the ocean but at least it wasn't something harmful and a cool way to study currents and see where the toys are found! Looks like a fun adventure! ps no way I would've known you had just run so no explanation needed!

  10. By far one of my favorite adventures of yours! Love that story and that duck is way too cool. I know Myles would have freaked out too! It reminds me of those big inflatables that you jump onto and fall in the water aka the blob!