Fire Engine No. 6

In true boy fashion, Marcus is all about police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and any other vehicle that has the potential to go fast, make loud noises, and flash lights.

When my sister-in-law, Carolyn, mentioned we could visit her friend, Brandon, a firefighter at a fire station, while he was on duty, I knew this was something we simply could not miss.

The firemen were the nicest. We had the royal treatment while we toured the station.
The largest truck was pulled out of the bay so we could take a really good look at it.
Marcus was alllllll about getting into the drivers seat. He really thought he was doing big things and going places.
I'm not sure exactly what the next little display was, but I know it involved buttons pushed, and truck parts moving. So, a win.
Then, firefighter Brandon won my child's heart.
One of the small hoses from the truck was pulled out, and Marcus and cousin Clark were able to spray some water. Day. Made. for Marcus. 
We took a few obligatory photos while posed in front of the truck...
Cousins: Marcus and Clark.
The moms.
Clark and Marcus with firefighter, Brandon.
Once the big truck tour was over we headed in to check out the EMT truck. More lights, more sirens, even the opportunity to honk the LOUD horn.
The boys loved it. 

We had the best time touring the fire station, the vehicles, and meeting some of the friendliest firemen. To Carolyn and Clark for inviting us to join in the fun, and to the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department...


  1. Awesome!!! What a couple of lucky little boys!

  2. so much fun! firetrucks are great for photos, I think, and I love yours!

  3. this post makes my heart explode! watching a childs face light up with wonder and awe when they witness the trucks up close and personal just makes me so happy. and I melt seeing the grown men take such pride in their work and their department when they show the littles what they do day in and day out. J was gone on a rescue call last weekend for well over an hour which is rather unusual. when he got home I asked him about it and he said they were back from the call within 25 minutes, however when they got back a dad and his little boy that were at a wedding dance at city hall next door were peaking in thru the bay windows. he invited them in and let the little boy, roughly 5 years old, help him wash the rescue truck then gave him a tour of each truck (7!), the firefighers lockers, the office, and the training room. he said watching the little guy take it all in and see his smile when he got to run the sirens and flash the lights was the best feeling. until the little one turned to him and said "thank you Mr Fireman! This place is lucky to have you guys, you are all so brave and take good care of this town. I want to be just like you when I grow big and strong!"
    I die.

  4. That is so cute!! What a nice fire department to take the time and show the boys the trucks. That is so awesome!! LOVE all your pictures!

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

  5. So fun! What an awesome "field trip" for the boys. I am sure that it totally made their day and fed their fascination with those big red trucks.

  6. This looks like so much fun!! Clay's godfather's girlfriend is in the process of getting hired as a firefighter and I'm pumped a about getting to visit the station! You know, uhh, for Clay. Not for the cute men in uniforms ;)

  7. This seriously melted my heart. The way they looked so happy to be there. I remember whenever I use to see a fire truck when I was younger I would wave furiously and would be soooo thrilled when they would wave back. I need to wave again, lol.

  8. It is so much fun to watch kids with firetrucks. One came to our complex in Texas, and Hannah was so excited. So many buttons to push!

  9. Oh my gosh!!!!! I am LOVING this! My brother in law's brother is a fire fighter and you gave me the great idea to ask if we could come visit and see this too! Is what they did for you a common thing for when kids come? Or did they pull out all the stops thanks to your friend asking? What a FUN FUN FUN thing for Marcus! He looks over the moon happy!

  10. Adorable! Look at them holding hands and the GIANT smiles on their faces! Love it.

  11. Your sister in law sure knows the way to a little boys heart! What a cool experience! Makes me want to take Myles!