More Hot Air {{A Balloon Festival}}

Before Marcus and I made our second trip to Kansas City this summer, my mother and father-in-law mentioned the Great Midwest Balloon Fest that would be taking place while we visited. As if I wasn't already thrilled to head back to my favorite Midwestern city, throw in a few hot air balloons, vendor food, and photo opportunities galore, and I was happy as a fat kid with a piece of cake.

Earlier this summer we attended a different hot air balloon festival (read about that here). I was excited to compare and contrast the two events.

We arrived to the festival early and watched as each balloon was inflated and gracefully took to the skies.
I don't know what it is about the balloons, but I couldn't take my eyes off them. And, my camera was crazily clicking away (go figure). 

In the midst of all my picture taking glory my "good" camera died. Dead. Dead. Dead. I had to resort to my phone's camera, which didn't produce the best quality pictures, but I suppose it's better than no pictures at all. 

Along with the spectacle in the sky, we chased around these two goons…
They weren't as interested in the balloons as the adults. But, there were about 50 bounce houses that were a smashing hit with the munchkins.
What balloons? I'm BOUNCING!
Eventually, we were able to wrangle the wild beasts and calm them ever so slightly. I even forced a few mommy/Marcus photos, none of which Marcus was too thrilled to take. 
Left: Apparently we were cheers-ing the balloons!
One of the evening highlights included character balloons. 
Left: Darth Vader
Right: The back side of Elvis
The main event was the balloon glow. At the end of a countdown all the balloons would turn on their burner systems and the balloons lit up, and, well glowed.
I was fixated each and every time the balloons lit up. I couldn't stop staring. 

Summer is quickly wrapping up, and it is likely most balloon festivals are done for the season, but if you haven't thought about adding a balloon festival to next year's summer bucket list - DO IT! 
Could that sunset have complimented the glowing balloon any better?!


  1. That Elvis balloon!!!! I would LOVE to see that fly over!

    Cheers to Marcus! LOL!

  2. ELVIS LIVES! Love the pictures. I have always wanted to check out a hot air balloon festival. The hubby and I need to make it happens someday!

  3. I love hot air balloons, however I would be scared to death to go up in one!! haha

  4. I don't know if they have hot air balloon festivals in TX but I know there is one back home and you can count on the boys and I to enjoy it next summer.

  5. This looks like the best time ... sadly I looked and we do not have a balloon festival in town, boo!

  6. that last photo of the sunset is just amazing! Looks like the boys had a blast bouncing too!

  7. I love balloon festivals. we used to go to one in NJ every year. I haven't yet made it to the one you went to. one year we went but it was too hot to put up the balloons! I recently decided that one day I want to go up in a balloon. That would be awesome!

  8. We went to the balloon fiesta in New Mexico one year and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Like I LOVED it. We have friends that live there and I can't wait to go back again and see the fiesta. Hot air balloons are so beautiful and amazing!

  9. So much fun! I'd love to see that many hot air balloons!

  10. This is awesome. The balloons remind me of the Macy's parade floats! I bet Myles would love that because he is so into planes and flying things right now. I have always wanted to go in one too. That is totally on my bucket list!