The Sleep Mummy

I feel as if sleep - or the ever elusive thought of sleep - is always just within my grasp. When I feel we (read: Marcus) are coming around to re-establishing good sleep habits something inevitably comes in and smashes my hopes of ever sleeping through the night again.

The last time I mentioned Marcus and sleep, we were breaking the habit of him ending up in bed with me each night. It took a few solid weeks, but eventually he came to the realization that his crib was his, and where he would be spending the entirety of his naps and nights. 

Fast forward to today. 

Marcus now has no problem going to his bed for naps and bed time, but the routine that has currently developed to get him to sleep is slightly crazy. 

In the beginning (about two weeks ago) Marcus insisted on being covered up for bed. I get that. So, cover him up I did. 
Then, Marcus took the blanket wrapping one step further. The blankets not only had to cover his body but his neck as well. (Side note: Scott also sleep like this. These guys are weird I tell ya.) 
Currently, things have passed the point of ridiculous. Now I have to wrap Marcus' legs, torso, ensure his hands are covered, and wait for it...
His his ears must be totally covered as well.
This is a four blanket process, and not any old blanket will do, there are certain blankets Marcus insists I use. 
While it makes me chuckle each night when I prep him I'm not laughing when he wakes in the middle of the night, ticked because his mummy wrap has come undone. 

In the last two weeks this blanket progression has happened. And, in the last two weeks I have been up with Marcus each night no less than two times a night. The blankets have to be just so, or Marcus flips out. I've also noticed Marcus seems to be developing a fear of the dark. Each night I have to leave the overhead lights on, as the night lights just won't do. 

So, again, my never ending struggle, and persistent question... Do any of you deal with these kinds of issues? If so, what do you do to help remedy them so everyone gets a good night's sleep?


  1. I wish like crazy I had some magic potion for you! I'm battling the 'up at night' thing with Tate. It was so nice for that month when he slept all.night.long. It got up to 4 x's a night. Since we started cereal last week I made the decision that he was going to cry it out at midnight and 1am b/c he does not need to eat at those times. He did awesome 2 nights in a row, just woke at 4 to eat which I am fine w/. But last night he was up 3 x's again and barely ate -- I think he has an ear infection so made him an apt for this morning. Hoping we'll get thru this and back on track w/ sleeping longer at night. Seriously, is sleep too much to ask for as a mom? I know by age 1 both older boys were sleeping solidly thru the night, I know there's an end in sight but when? Same for you, there's an end in sight, hang in there. And if I find that magic potion I'll let you know. P.S. Have you researched sleep strategies?? I was reading how we as the parents create the bad sleep habits for our kids and we as the parents have to break those habits. Scary and hard and rough but makes sense.

  2. I can't relate but I have to say it's pretty funny! I am sure it's a phase but I'm sure you wonder where he came up with this idea, lol. Also, I'm hot/claustrophobic just looking at him wrapped like that, ha!

  3. He is too, too funny. I literally laughed out loud at the mummy picture. Emma is ridiculous when it comes to sleep. She was perfection for the entire first year and then everything just went to hell. Currently we have to lay on the floor with her and sneak out as soon as she's asleep. She rubs her feet on the side bars of her bed until she falls asleep and has to have her woobie (a blanket she's had since she was born) laying next to her. The kid kills me.

  4. Did he want to be swaddled as an infant? I can't help with the blanket thing, but the light thing is a problem in my house. Hannah is afraid of the dark. We use a desk lamp that is pretty bright. That way we don't have the glaring ceiling light on, but she has plenty of light with the lamp.

  5. I wish getting kids to sleep was way easier. You get one thing taken care of and another pops up or everything is going okay but you have to screw with it with a big kid bed or travel. It is pretty funny that he needs his ears covered up. Aria needs one thing to sleep and that is her blanket with the tag, because she chews on it. I sometimes see her wake up and go hunt for it, figured out which corner has the tag, pop it in her mouth, and then lay back down and doesn't move again. When it was cooler months and months ago I put in an extra blanket just in case she needed to snuggle..and she got pissed when she couldn't figure out which blanket had the tag in the middle of the night, so I stopped that. I'd like to know how kids learn to sleep under covers. Aria isn't having any of that. I'm just as curious about that as about her falling our or getting out of bed at night when we transition to a big girl bed. She's a fish and flops around all night...my gosh did I just write a novel that was utterly unhelpful to your situation? yes, yes I did. How about you build a swaddling mummy making robot?

  6. I don't even know. But he looks so damn awesome wrapped up like a mummy. They make those sleep sack things but I think toddler age is about when they are supposed to outgrow them, not want back in! Oh Marcus, you are sooooo funny!

  7. Oh my gosh the progression of these pictures is just hilarious! Not so hilarious anymore though once I read that you have to re-wrap the mummy several times a night! I have NO tips for you. Both of my boys have, for whatever reason been HORRIBLE sleepers. Asher usually sleeps through the night, just now, at 3. He sometimes still wakes up once. Ugh. My only advice is that this too shall pass!

  8. Oh sweetie...I wish I had some words of comfort or great advice to give but I don't. You know all too well our sleep struggles. I guess if I could say anything it would be to take comfort in knowing that when you are up in the middle of the night, chances are we are too {Read: You're not alone}. One thing to {maybe} try is a sound machine with a projector on it. M has one and some nights it has been our life saver. The machine plays whichever music/sound setting you want but it also projects a rotating image on the ceiling and the light that it gives off is very bright {Brighter than a night light but not as bright as full on lights}. For M, she would wake up screaming and sometimes the only thing that would soothe her and help her drift off to sleep would be laying there and watching that murial rotate on the ceiling. Just an idea. Hang in there. Sending soothing vibes your way. XO

  9. Not sure how to solve the blanket issue but there is nothing like sleep. I hope you get more soon!

  10. First off, I wish I had some advice. I really wish I could help you! But alas, I don't. But second of all, I'm sorry but that is hilarious how he sleeps. I mean I'm all for wearing covers while you're sleeping, I do like that too, but I would be SO hot if my covers covered me up so much. Kids are so crazy!