Vegas Trip #2

We'd been planning this for months, and it didn't seem possible that the time had actually come... Girls Weekend in Vegas!!!!

Catching up with three of my best girl friends from college, in Vegas, was a blast! We did most of the Vegas-y stuff: endless walks up and down the strip, checking out the lions at MGM, some shopping in the Miracle Mile, watching college football (and in my case, betting and winning a little extra cash!), catching a breathing-taking Vegas performance, Le Reve, and eating some fantastic food. The best part, the most amazing part was reuniting with my friends, and watching as everything fell back into place - as if we'd left college only yesterday.

Upper left: Inside Wynn, before heading in to see Le Reve.
Lower left: Inside our hotel, Planet Hollywood.
Upper right: Checking out the southern end of the strip.
Middle right: Soaking up a little college football.
Lower right: Relaxing at a Caesars outdoor bar.
Le Reve. A performance put on by the creator of the Cirque shows. This was a production that incorporated aquatic, acrobatic, and dance choreography. Absolutely awesome.
The ladies.

I'm already looking forward to our trip next year! 
Love you girls!!

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