Pa's Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend was gorgeous, and it was just too perfect to sit around the house.

We found a pumpkin patch not too far from us, decided to check it out, as we still had no pumpkins to carve/decorate. 

Pa's Pumpkin Patch was a pretty cool place. Now, it's no Uncle LeRoy's Pumpkin Patch, but it was pretty darn close. 

Growing up in Iowa my expectations of pumpkin patches are pretty steep. I'm expecting full on hay rides to an actual patch full of pumpkins; I'm expecting a corn maze, some yummy treats, and friendly, familiar faces. 

Pa's Pumpkin Patch wasn't quite what I'd find back home. But, this place did have carnival rides, that cost some cash, of course. There were carnival-like games, face painting, and crafts for kids to create, and a very small petting zoo. Oh, and did I mention, they had mini water bumper boats?! If only I met the age/height requirement... I would have totally paid for that ride!
Top: Bumper boats!
Bottom left: Some child's pumpkin creation.
Bottom right: Tee pee - pretty self-explanatory.

The atmosphere was fun, and the breeze from the ocean was fabulous (we were about six blocks from the water). Of course the best part was the plethora of pumpkins to choose from. And, Scott and I had a good time finding our perfect pumpkins.
SO MANY PUMPKINS! The way the larger pumpkins were lined up reminded me of rows of corn.
Getting into the festive fall spirit. 
I'm picturing a fall family photo becoming an annual thing.
Our prized selections. 

I was amazed at how thorough Scott was in picking out his pumpkin. I found mine in minutes. It would not surprise me if Scott checked each and every pumpkin  before making his final selection! 

When our gourds are crafted into their carved perfections I will be sure to get some photos up. :)


  1. So is that two adults, 1 baby pumpkins and then the tiny guys for the dog and cat? That's how we do it too! I was excited to get a mini pumpking for Drew this year. :)

  2. Haha! Sarah, I didn't even think of the pumpkins like that, but now that you mention it, that's how we'll be picking pumpkins from now on!! :)

  3. Ummm, I totally check out and each every pumpkin...when I finally find The One, I have picked up and turned over at least 3/4 of the lot. Seriously. I refuse to buy a pumpkin unless it's the PERFECT pumpkin. :-)