Baby Macke Update

I can't believe how late I am getting this up!
...Actually, with the move, getting settled, and wrapping up at the old apartment, maybe it's a little understandable whey it's taken me so long.


Two weeks ago, we went in for our first trimester screening. I won't bore you with the doctor-y stuff. But, the fun stuff consisted of hearing Baby Macke's little heart beat for the first time (I won't lie, there may have been a few tears), and we watched as Baby Macke did little gymnastics moves on the ultrasound. Such an intense, magical experience.

Here's the little peanut. We're getting away from the gummy bear look, and starting to resemble a little person! The ultrasound is a snapshot of Baby M at 12 weeks. Today, we are 14 weeks and a few days. Only six weeks to go until we find out if the little peanut is a boy or girl!

Everyone wanted in on the baby bump photo shoot.

I LOVE "tummy" photos, but right now there isn't a whole lot to show. To me, it just looks like I'm bloated... Or, just finished a huge Thanksgiving dinner and probably need to let the button out on my pants (which I've been doing more and more lately:). I'm hoping the baby bump becomes more predominant soon!

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