It's quite possibly an addiction. That, or sever lack of will-power. My guess, sever lack of will-power. But, whatever. I'm ok with it. And, should you treat yourself to such viewing pleasure you may succumb to one of the best shows, ever.

We don't have any fancy channels. Cable alone is ridiculous, and I can't imagine what it would cost to add HBO or Showtime, so I have to wait for each season of Dexter  to be released around the third week in August every year.

Each season is amazing, and season five was no different. I watched the whole season, start to finish in less than two days. This is no joke. I could not, for the life of me, hit the stop button. I hit pause a couple of times (but only for necessities like grabbing lunch/dinner and the occasional trip to the ladies room), but not often.
Disclaimer: Dexter is pretty graphic, and very much for adult audiences only. Not a family show - sorry kiddos.

Start with season one, and let the addiction/lack of will-power begin!

Now that I've finished season five I thought I was going to have to wait an entire year  until I could get my hands on season six... Not so much. Thanks to a little prodding, I've found a few websites that have allowed me to watch season six. Wooohooo!!


  1. GIRL! Don't waste your time sitting around waiting!!! Watch it on www.tvduck.com or crackle.com. Just go to hulu every Tuesday night (it's free) and it will take you to the full episode (swearing silenced and exposed body parts blurred...but nonetheless) at crackle.com. Tvduck.com is the same - you get 70 minutes of free trial every week. Tadaa!

  2. LOL, and then I scroll down and see you've added more, to which you've already mentioned these sites! HA! :)

  3. Dexter and Californication are the only reason we have Showtime...I've been addicted for years, and used to download them off the internet but have since just realized that Showtime has sweet shows so I better just purchase it! If you haven't heard of it, try Breaking Bad as well...

  4. Going to have to check out both Californication and Breaking Bad!