Creamy Italian Chicken

HOLY HEAT WAVE California! Last week the Santa Ana winds were going full force, and even in the beach communities it neared 100 degrees. Who was going to turn the oven on? Not this girl!

Time to utilize the (drum roll, please)... CROCK POT!

The crock pot is kind of like the Internet, or cell phones... What did we do before we had these items?!

This weeks newest crock pot creation:

Creamy Italian Chicken
I paired the chicken with brown rice, broccoli and some garlic bread. The creamy sauce was absolutely fabulous mixed in with the rice. If you're not a huge rice fan bow tie pasta would also work well.

3-4 chicken breast
1 package cream cheese (reduce the calories and use 1/3 less fat, or fat free cream cheese)
1 can cream of chicken (though the non-name brand cream of chicken is cheaper - by a pretty considerable margin - Campbell's has a "healthy request" cream of chicken, and it has 2.5 grams of fat as opposed to SEVEN! Cut back on the fat, and calories, and go with the Campbell's healthy selection)
1 package dry Italian dressing mix

In a mixing bowl soften cream cheese.
After cream cheese is softened add cream of chicken, fill empty cream of chicken 1/2-2/3 with water (if you want a thicker sauce use less water), add water to cream cheese mix, add Italian dressing packet. Mix well.
Place chicken on bottom of crock pot.
Pour cream cheese mixture over chicken.
Put crock pot on high for 4 hours (my chicken were almost totally frozen when I turned the crock pot on).
If you want to throw this dish in before you leave for work, put your crock pot on low for 6 hours.

I've fallen in love with using my crock pot. It's amazing to put a few ingredients together, leave it, and come back to it 4-6 hours later and dinner is ready! If you enjoy using your crock pot and haven't checked out the Crock Pot Girls you really should.  From desserts to main dishes to tailgate foods, they have it all!


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  1. Definitely going to utilize that website more! I have printed this off and will be making it next week! Looks YUMMY and I love chicken in a crock pot because of how soft and squishy it becomes. :)