A New Beach

Scott and I weren't the only ones who got out to enjoy the awesome weather. Drake came along for some fun this weekend, too.

We'd been hearing all about a beach located at Trump's Golf Course (Trump, as in Donald). It was time to check this place out!
Upper right: Drake LOOOOVES car rides. And, I LOOOOVE it when he sticks his head out the window and his ears and mouth flop in the wind.
Upper left: On our way down the path.
Lower right: Getting closer to the water.
Lower middle: Almost there!
Lower left: Drake had a hard time sitting still for the photo. He couldn't WAIT to get to the water!
Far left photo and bottom right: The para-gliders kept me in awe. I think I may have half a dozen photos of these guys floating around above us. 
Upper right: The cliffs between the beach and Trump's Golf Course.
Upper left: Sit. Stay. Stay. Stay.
Upper right: "Come on, already!"
Lower left: Annnnd, GO! 
Lower right: Bringing back the retrieved toy.
Upper: As we left the beach Drake had to make one last stop in the tide pools. 
Middle: The sun setting.
Lower: A last look at the quiet beach that has quickly become a favorite of ours.
Enjoying the beach on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

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