Vegas Trip #1

My parents didn't have to twist our arms much to convince us to join them in Vegas for the long holiday weekend.

It was great to get away for a few days and just relax. We hit up the Miracle Mile shopping district (more than once), snagged a deep tissue massage (for Scott), and a pre-natal massage (for me, obviously). Scott and my dad checked out The Blue Man Group while my mom and I were transfixed by The Phantom of the Opera.
Before we saw our respective shows we ate at an Italian restaurant inside the Venetian. Inside the building you feel like you're outside. We ate "outside" at the restaurant. 
The lower right photo appears to be a statue. In reality, it's an actual person, standing still, for very long periods of time. I hope those people get paid well!
The Blue Man Group. 
The Phantom of the Opera.
Lunch with Mom.
Last night in Vegas. 

To be totally honest, I was a little concerned Vegas wouldn't be as much fun as my previous Vegas experiences (keep in mind, I was in my early 20's). But, we had a blast. It has gotten me even more excited for a girls trip - with three of my best friends - in Vegas, in less than two weeks!!

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