The Perfect Picture Frame

For the longest time I wasn't sure where to display the sonograms of Baby M. The only place that seemed reasonable, and with the most exposure was the kitchen (because right now that's where I'm spending A TON of time), and the fridge is almost always where people hang things they are proud of. For some reason hanging the sonograms on the fridge just didn't seem quite right. But, it was really the only option.

Yesterday, after spending some much needed time with our old neighbor, Chrissy, she presented us with an array of great gifts. I'm pretty sure my favorite was a perfect picture frame.
 Now Baby M's sonograms have a PERFECT spot! The picture frame rests on the kitchen counter, so anytime anyone is in the kitchen this is on full display. I LOVE IT! 
As we receive more sonograms, I will update the picture. And, I'm able to change the caption. There's a pink one reading "It's a girl!", a blue one reading "It's a boy!", and one that reads "My Baby." These will take their respective place as Baby M continues to grow, and then arrives.

A huge thanks to Chrissy! Baby M's pictures now have a respectable place for display. :)

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