Oh-So Guilty Pleasure

The first trimester brought serious bouts of nausea and an lack of interest in sweets. If it was salty it was going straight into my pie hole.

Trimester two is a little different...

A friend of mine introduced me to THESE little delights, and they have become my go-to guilty pleasure when I need to satisfy my re-discovered sweet tooth.
Thank you Trader Joe's for the most splendid creation. EVER.

Yes, it's a s'more ice cream sandwich! Two gram cracker "baked goods" holding marshmallow ice cream with little bits of chocolate, and a fudge swirl. I'm drooling just describing it.

It took some A LOT of will power to take just ONE bite and then snap a photo!
While you're inhaling this do yourself a favor and skip looking at the "nutritional" content on the box. I'll just tell you, it's lacking in any form of nutrition, but will leave you happy and smiling!!

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