No Shoes Nation

Before I go into my actual post let me get a few things off my chest...

1) I love and adore my child, but there are just times Scott and I need a break. A legitimate, longer-than-dinner type of break. Not only do I feel this is vital and healthy for our relationship, I believe it's great for Marcus to bond with his grandparents (or whoever has offered to deal with care for him). After a short stint away from my little monkey I'm always ready to get home, and I'm refreshed. All in all it's good for all parties involved.

2) From time to time I'm going to "recycle" photos I've taken and posted to InstaGram (desireemacke, if you'd like to follow). Not all of my IG friends are blog follower, and not all blog readers are IGers. I've read a few other bloggers go on about how "recycled photos" is such a faux pas. Know what I say to all that? Tough.

Moving on...

As I mentioned yesterday Grandma came to town. This may or may not have been primarily due to the fact that Scott and I had a little over-night getaway planned. We were headed to Anaheim to see  Kenny Chesney's No Shoes Nation concert!

Leading up to the concert I was like a kid the night before Christmas. The last time I saw Kenny was waaaay back in 2007, and he was awesome. The anticipation to see him again was monumental. I could hardly wait.

I even did something I don't ever do anymore... I went clothes shopping for myself for this concert, I needed something "country".
Please forgive the less than stellar quality selfie. I'm not big on selflies to begin with, and I was dealing with some of the worst hotel lighting ever.
With that said, this is about as "country" as my wardrobe gets. :)
 As we approached the stadium I was bouncing around like Honey Boo Boo when she's downed a gallon of her Go Go Juice.
It was really sunny, can you tell?
After my NKOTB experience with my "good camera" I just had to find a way to smuggle my camera in. We were in the nose bleed (again) and from previous experiences I knew the iPhone camera wasn't going to do me much good. Lucky for us, security wasn't what I would call top notch, and getting my camera in wasn't much problem.

We got to our seats, I pulled out the camera and wouldn't you freaking know it, the memory card wasn't there. It was safe and sound at home, right where I left it (uploading pics on the computer). Neat. Just neat. iPhone camera it was. Whomp whomp!

I'll spare you too much detail but Kacey Musgraves opened, and was pretty good. Eli Young Band followed, and they were good too. Eric Church was next. He seriously rocked our faces off. Scott was more excited to see Eric Church than Kenny (isn't that sacrilegious or something?).
I mentioned we were in the nosebleeds, right?
Eric Church certainly knows how to put on a good show. Some concert-goers (Scott included) even went so far as to say Eric Church outperformed Kenny. Blasphemy!

When it was time for Kenny to come on I screamed almost as much as the NKOTB concert.
I tried multiple times to get a good photo of Kenny on the screen, but it was useless.
So, I took pictures of the stadium lit up like the 4th of July instead.
After giving up on snapping a good photo I had a blast singing along to every single song that was performed.
Listening to Kenny always conjures up so many memories. Softball practices in high school (our coach loved country music and always had it playing on the loud speakers), my first summer in Kansas City, a few heart aches, meeting Scott, road trips, and now an evening with just the hubs and me.

It's been so long since Scott and I have enjoyed each other's company, had conversations that didn't revolve around how many dirty diapers were changed (though a lot of conversation was about Marcus),  or had a dinner out that wasn't rushed because we were fearful of a melt down.
We had such a great time. It was a perfect night.


  1. I agree 100% with you on the recycled photo's bit.

    That concert looks like it was a blast!

  2. Looks like date night was a success! I love Kenny Chesney. I seen him years ago...probably in the late 90's, right after graduation and it was in a big barn at my local county fair. I bet he wouldn't do a tiny show like that again. Oh and he opened up for Toby Keith. I love him too!!
    I love the pictures!

  3. Aww, looks like you guys had a great time! Glad you were able to get away for a short time. :-)

  4. Wow, I wouldn't mind seeing all 4 of those! Looks fun! Glad you got away with just the hubby, it's so important for a marriage!

  5. You look so cute! Loved your outfit. I saw Kenny a little while back too, he was awesome! Sounds like you had a nice little getaway :)

  6. Yes, getting little breaks make us much better parents! Love the pics!


  7. Girrrrl you don't even need to explain to me how important it is to get away every now and then. :) Love the country shirt and I'm glad you guys had fun!

  8. That's so awesome that you guys for to enjoy a fun night away! When we went to Vegas without the kids I loved having that time bt just myself and my husband. It's nice to do that every now and then!

  9. Aww, you guys are so cute :) Looks like you had a great time!!

  10. YAY for grandmas and date nights with the hubby! Much needed, much deserved and much appreciated! What a fun concert! You guy look adorable.

  11. love your outfit! and sooo jealous you got to see my second love Eric Church!

  12. It's so important to get time as a couple! I'm glad you two had a great time!

  13. I loved that concert...I went to the one here in Denver and I am pretty sure that it was the BEST concert I have been to in a long time!! It was a freaking blast!!! :)

  14. I'm sooo jealous!!!! Kenny actually performed here in Key West at one of the bars he frequents but by the time I got wind of it the line was wrapped around many many blocks!!

  15. It sounds like you had a great night! I agree with you. Parents do need a bit of away time to recharge.

  16. Look, I don't know how you do it. I need a night out at least every two or three weeks. If not, I get super crabby. And if that makes me a bad parent, then okay. But pretty sure it doesn't.

    And I know you are going to be surprised. I am just not a Kenny Chesney fan. He does nothing for me.