Month by Month Onesies

In keeping with the baby shower theme from yesterday I'm continuing with more decor I was happy to contribute to the expecting parents.

When Marcus was born I made monthly onesies to mark each month "birthday." I had so much fun doing it that I couldn't help but create some fun onesies for the guests of honor (hi, Tim and Laurie!), and their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.

Our friends were specific about colors they liked, and colors they weren't too keen on. In following with the colors we were incorporating throughout the baby shower I stuck with purples and greens. The first six months I went with purple numbers and green circles. Each month the green circle becoming a little lighter than the month before. The second six months I went with green numbers and purple circles. Each month the purple circle becoming a little darker than the month before.
I made these for Marcus (you can see that >>here<<), and these just as easy to make now as they were when I did them for Marcus.

What you'll need:
Age appropriate onesies
Transfer paper
Full laser jet color ink cartridge
Cheese cloth
The color scheme is totally up to you!

The process:
Step 1 -
Using your favorite graphics program (I used PicMonkey) create your colored circles, complete with the numbered month.
Tip: Play around with the sizing of the circles on plain paper before jumping right in and printing onto transfer paper. You don't want the circles to be too small or too big once they are permanently ironed on the onesies.
If you want to skip this step altogether, and use pre-made numbers, click >>here<< !

Step 2 -
Print out numbered months.

Step 3 -
Carefully cut out each number.

Step 4 -
To apply you will most likely need cheese cloth. If you don't have cheese cloth, and don't want to buy any, parchment paper *should* work well in it's place.

Step 5 -
Carefully follow instructions included with transfer paper to properly apply the numbers to the onesie.

Step 6 -
Stand back and admire those tiny little onesies.
I had fun with some left over twine from the custom banner project, so I used that as a "clothesline." The tiny green clothes pins we a fun little touch, and a nice way to finish off the presentation of the onesies.

After 12 months has flown by passed, and photo ops have presented themselves, the recipient of said onesies can look back on how much change has happened in the course of a year. To the effect of something like this...

Numbered onesie inspiration: Martha Stewart (of course)


  1. This is the best gift idea ever!!! I love it!

  2. These are so cute! What a great gift!!!

  3. This is an awesome gift. I did it for both of my girls and loved doing it!

  4. I can't believe you made those! I'm so lazy I wouldn't even try haha! They're awesome!

  5. These are so cute!! And so crafty!! And I totally suck at that so I will live vicariously through your artsyness

  6. That is so cute. Love his little face. Each month, he changed so much!

  7. So super cute!!! I took the easy way out and bought the stickers to put on their onesies lol

  8. Could you be convinced to make these for "someone"?? Seriously. I could NEVER EVER pull these off myself!? #igotpeopleforthat

  9. OMG, so adorable! I'd love a gift like that, your friends are super lucky!!!

  10. I would LOVE this for the future! And those pictures of Marcus, melting me!