Pick Six

There are a lot of "getting to know you" posts floating around right now, and I'm going to be honest, I'm too lazy to fill out all the answers to all the questions. To remedy that I have six quick things to share about myself.

Favorite movie?
Movie: Romeo & Juliet (the 1996 version with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes). When it first came out I was in 7th grade and beyond obsessed. This was my first real encounter with the updated version of Shakespeare's play and I couldn't get enough of it. There was even a time when I could recite the whole thing, as well as the sound track, word for word.
Something silly that I get excited about.
I don't know what it is, but I get so excited about staying over night in (good) hotels. There's just something about the coziness of the rooms, and the way you wake up in a cool, dark room with those down comforters enveloping you.
Share a favorite pic.
Ahhh, Cabo. This was the first vacation Scott and I ever took together. The picture above is our first night on the beach, we went to a restaurant where we were serenaded. Of our vacations and adventures, Cabo still tops the list as our favorite vacation. This particular trip was also where I was sure Scott was the one.

Favorite go-to outfit.
Currently I'm very fond of a very relaxed, yet put together look, and it's more than easy to pull together in seconds.
Relaxed "boyfriend" jeans, a simple tee, a cute cardigan, and flippy floppys. I could wear this every day. Oh, and that little boy is, hands down, my best accessory. :)

Favorite beauty product.
I have a couple. The first two are for my unruly curls.
If I'm drying my hair a diffuser isn't even a question. And, before drying I must throw some Curls Rock, by Catwalk, in my hair to keep the tresses from getting too wild.
photo one: source photo two: source
Each night I wash my face with a couple must-have products.
Eye makeup remover and a 3-in-1 cleanser for my face.
What I have learned since being married.
There's so much! Compromise is key. Learning which arguments are worth digging into. Knowing when to stop talking (I'm still working on this one). Most importantly, marriage is work. Before Scott and I were married my mother-in-law said something that has stuck with me, "There are days you may not like each other, but every day you must love each other." Truer words have never been spoken.

I'm asking SallyKristen, Krystal, Amie, Stephanie, and Laura to play along. Just pick six of the following questions and fill in the blanks!

1. What is one of your silly quirks? Or something silly that you get excited about.
2. Favorite movie, song, or tv show?
3. Any funny stories to share that has happened recently?
4. Tell us something we don't know about you.
5. What's your favorite beauty secret or product?
6. What's your favorite or go-to outfit? (pics please)
7. What's a personal trial you had to overcome?
8. What's a current dream that you are hoping to achieve?
9. What's the coolest thing you've made? (food, craft, anything)
10. Who or what inspires you?
11. Share one of your favorite pics. Tell us why it's your favorite
12. What's your favorite part about marriage? Or what have you learned since becoming married?


  1. I'm still obsessed with that movie, but moreso the song. I listen to it on youtube all. the. time.

  2. I'm happy to know that someone else enjoys my love of GOOD hotels. Cold, dark, and comfortable rooms are the best. Now if we could only find one of those with an aquarium in it. HA!

  3. I Love This! :)

  4. Yay! I love to play these! Challenge accepted!

    I was also massively obsessed with the Romeo and Juliet movie. I had (ummm... actually probably still have) both soundtrack CDs. I knew pretty much all the music, all the lines, everything.

  5. I will do this just because I like you okay?!? ;-) And I love your outfit...I need to get me a diffuser too!! I should have had one of those by now but for some reason I don't!

  6. Love your go to outfit! You look so cute!!

    I'll get going on this!

  7. I'm a nice hotel person too! there's something so luxurious about it.

  8. Romeo and Juliet, loved the movie, have the soundtrack!!

  9. Im still working on the "know when to stop talking" bit too :) And I might have to try out this Catwalk - youre not the first time ive seen it :)

  10. I am old.... I was in college when Romeo and Juliet came out....

  11. Romeo & Juliet is a good movie...I think I was in Jr High too when it came out- my memory is pretty lame so I can't be certain on the age I was when it came out. I'm also a curly haired gal & I don't think anyone knows what I'm talking about when I use/say I use Curls Rock. Glad to finally hear of someone else using it! Oddly enough, I think I had the hair dryer & diffuser in the pic that I used for years. It got old & used to frequently and started to smell smoky and I had to go out and buy a new one.

  12. that's the perfect outfit for me too!