High 5 for Friday

After Grandma left on Tuesday the rest of the week was kind of... Blah.

Thank goodness Friday is FINALLY here!

I'm linking up today with one of my favorite ladies, Abby over at Is This How Parenting Works? If you haven't dropped in on Abby, DO IT! She is hilarious. We pretty much speak the same language when it comes to parenting. One of these days (after she gets married) I'm going to convince her that her sweet little family needs to come to LA and visit. I'd love to sit down and have a beer (or 10) with her.

Without further ado, here are my Friday highlights.

1) Izzy, our crazy cat was declawed yesterday. A-to-the-freaking-men. I have had it up to my ears with her inability to keep her claws under control. If there are any anti-declaw peeps out there spare me your two cents. I'll only listen (and most likely disagree) if you come and pay to replace my living room curtains, my bedroom curtains, my leather sofa AND love seat, and a filing cabinet. Buh-bye claws!
2) Two nights ago Marcus curled up on me and let me rock him before bed time. This hasn't happened in a good two months. I miss those night time rock sessions.

3) Yesterday a neighbor who doesn't see me often told me I was looking "slim."I think the last time she saw me was February, and I had a good 15 pounds to shed from my pregnancy. Sweet Baby Jesus, the miles of pavement pounding are paying off.

4) Marcus has been giving out kisses left and right. There have been a handful of times where he walks right up to me, puckers his adorable little lips and plants the sweetest, slobberiest kiss on me. I die every time.

5) There are two bottles of wine sitting ever so politely on our wine rack. Aside from Scott having to work a few hours Saturday, we have absolutely nothing planned. Those bottles will most certainly be opened and enjoyed, likely around our fire pit, where we will also probably make a s'more or two (or 8).
Cheers to Friday!


  1. Mmmmm... wine and s'mores. Sounds like heaven!

  2. Love your wine rack, wine + smores, yes please :) And sweet baby kisses are just about the best thing ever :)

  3. I LOVE the first pic of Izzy "surrendering" so cute. Love the wine rack....I could make good use of that! :)


  4. Yes girl, pounding the pavement totally is the trick to losing weight!!

  5. Okay, yes you are slim.....but girl you look amaazzzing!

    LOVE Izzy on the high chair, haha!!

  6. Aww thanks for the awesome intro!! Cali, beers, and the Macke's? Sold!! :)

  7. Nothing is better than baby kisses and snuggles!!!

  8. I love when Henry gives out kisses - it's the best!