August's Cara Box!

It's time for another Cara Box reveal!!!

This month I was paired up with some seriously amazing ladies. Let's be honest, each month I've been paired up with some really great ladies.

Without further ado...

Who received my box:
Amber at Assorted Whimsy. Amber has an 8 month old son, "E", who has the biggest, most melt-your-heart eyes I have ever seen. Like me, Amber is a Midwestern girl who loves football, coffee, and likes to try her hand at baking. All throughout August we emailed back and forth, getting to know each other. I particularly enjoyed exchanging the top five things on our personal bucket lists. If you want to check out what I sent her click >>here<<.

Who sent me a box:
Kaitlyn from Wifessionals! Kaitlyn is the creator of the Cara Box exchange! Kaitlyn is seriously the cutest expectant mommy I have ever seen. And, you'd never think she's only a few weeks away from meeting her little girl. Kaitlyn is so sweet, and it was obvious through our emails that she really wanted to get to know me. And, when I opened my box it was clear Kaitlyn put a lot of thought behind each of the items in my Cara Box. My box couldn't have been more perfect.

When I received my Cara Box I waited all day to open the package. With a glass of wine in hand I slowly opened the box; Scott was still at work and Marcus was fast asleep. I carefully removed each item, savoring the calm and quiet, and smiling as I pulled each item out of the box. The moment was almost magical, just that little snippet of time, all to myself.
I can't help but smile every time I see all of the goodies.
1. How cute are those chevron blue paper straws?
2. Organic fruit mash-ups for my little man!
3. A doggie toy for Drake, in Scott's K-State colors.
4. A cat toy for Izzy, in my ISU colors!
5. That blue polish is my new favorite.
6. Oh.my.gosh. These hair ties! I've been looking forEVER for some good hair ties to use while I run. Everything I ever use always slips, and my ponytail never stays. These hair ties seriously rock.
7. Fashionable hair ties. I love these things. They can double as a cute bracelet until you need to use it as a hair tie.
8. Have you ever had Green Apple Chapstick? I'm officially obsessed.
9. Mulled Cider scented candle. It smells SO good.
10. These earrings are going to complete my ISU game-day look this football season!
11. How cute is that metallic notebook and pencils? I'm already using that book to write down things I'm thankful for.
12. Blue socks! When we go to Mommy and Me classes my socks are always so boring compared to the other moms. These will help me step up my game (pun slightly intended).

Now, of course I have to show off how some of these items are being used.
Left to right, top to bottom:
Marcus quickly ate up his strawberry banana mash up.
I'm already planning my game day outfits, centering around those cute earrings, of course.
Izzy immediately took to batting around her new toy.
I made an iced coffee, and completed it with the blue chevron paper straws.
Drake refuses to let his new dog toy out of his sight.

Thank you Kaitlyn for such an awesome Cara Box!!

I strongly encourage anyone, blogger or non-blogger, to participate in the exchange at least once. It's such a fabulous way to meet new people and receive something fun in the mail. If you would like more info on the Cara Box exchange click on the button below!
Cara Box


  1. How fun! Love the pet toys and the ISU earrings!

  2. Eek, I need to get my post up!!! You got awesome stuff! So cool we were paired up with Kaitlyn herself!!! :)

  3. This is awesome!! I've never heard of this, but I'm going to have to check it out! Great score! And so much fun to get to know other blogger!

  4. Green apple chapstick is my FAVE!!!! You will LOVE it!!

  5. so much fun! i missed out this month due to chaos of crue. hahaha.
    i want to make a box for you when we meet!

  6. What a great box
    I absolutely adore those straws!

  7. I am so happy you liked it!!!! And I am even happier we became friends. Don't forget to link up tomorrow morning (:

  8. What a fun Cara Box! Love those paper straws! They make drinking more fun. :)

  9. How cute!! And I gotta try those hair ties!! I have the same issue - damn long wavy hair!

  10. I love how you opened your box with a glass of wine!