The Aquarium

I've been waiting for days like these since... About the minute I found out I was pregnant.
Last summer Marcus was much too young, and I was far too new as a parent, to venture... Anywhere. Now? Now I'm all about "new experiences" and "new adventures" for our little guy.

As soon as I learned season passes to the Aquarium of the Pacific were well within our budget I was like, "Sign me up today!" That's exactly what happened, too.

We are officially season pass holders. Whoop whoop!

To keep our weekly routine from getting too mundane we make our way to the aquarium to spend sometime with the sea life.
 We generally do a quick walk-through inside. Checking out the jellies and sea lions is always a must, and about the extent in which we can keep Marcus in the stroller.
After breezing through the indoor exhibits we venture outside, our favorite area of the aquarium...
Shark Lagoon!
With three different touch pools it is easy to keep Marcus and me entertained!
For Marcus, maximum time at the touch pools is about 15 minutes. After that Marcus is splashing everyone within a 20 foot radius, or squirming, trying to get in the pools.
Near Shark Lagoon is a children's area, complete with two small splash pads, and a boat... Heaven for my little man.
Navigating the mangroves.
Usually I pry Marcus from his favorite area so we can check out the Lorikeets. Though I'm not a bird fan, Marcus really enjoys checking out the feathered creatures.
Birds completely gross me out, but Lorikeets are quite pretty.

Rounding out our visit is a stop at the shark tank.
Little man seems to enjoy our trips to the aquarium, so much so he refuses to sit still long enough to take a good picture with his mommy.
This is the best we could get. What a booger.
The Aquarium of the Pacific, the best tax write off investment of the summer!


  1. That's looks awsome and so fun!

  2. I just love Aquariums. If I could build my dream bedroom, I would have an Aquarium wall. I think it would be just awesome to sleep in a room like that.

  3. This looks like so much fun that you prompted me to see if I can get a tour set up at our local aquarium - and they said yes!!! I'm so excited!!! We will have a personal tour with an option to feed the sharks in the shark tank and pet the stingrays!!! I think I'm more excited than the kids will be!! :-) Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Adorable pic of you two! So glad I'm not the only one with a huge distaste for birds. That picture alone freaks me the f out.

  5. How much fun! I love the pictures. :)


    oh..and the jelly fish freak me out. I HATE them!!

  6. How fun! Love that picture of you! Work it girl :)

  7. I'm so so jealous!!! I love aquariums and sharps! It drives Andy nuts that I want to watch every single water/shark episode of Nature on TV!!! :) Great pics!

  8. I wish we lived close to things like that!
    Our closest aquarium is hours away
    Looks like the summer passes were a great investment :)

  9. What great memories you are creating! I love aquariums. So much fun!

  10. How fun! I love aquariums and having a season pass to one would be so cool!