Pretty Little Banner

This past weekend I had the honor of helping co-host a baby shower for our good friends (hi, Tim and Laurie!).

As soon as I was asked to help out I channeled my inner Martha Stewart... And, called in my mom for reinforcement.

Our first project was a banner. I went back and forth between a banner that said, "Congratulations!" and "It's a Girl!" In the end I scratched both ideas and went with something that seemed a little more fitting...
Of course, you could tailor this to whatever you'd like to spell out. 
What you'll need:
Roll of burlap, at least 9" wide - we used a green dyed burlap
Quarter swatch of fabric
Transfer paper
Stitch witchery (the kind requiring iron-on; found with the fabrics, and measured and cut by the yard)
A full laser jet color ink cartridge
Twine (optional)
Cheese cloth

How to:
Step 1 -
Create at template with the desired size of the "flags."

Step 2 -
Cut the "flags" out, leaving enough fabric at the top edge to keep the fabric on your banner.
Step 3 -
Using circular template, cut circles out of quarter swatch of fabric.
Step 4 -
Cut Stitch Witchery to fit the back side of the quarter swatch circles.
Step 5 -
Line fabric and Stitch Witchery on desired place on the "flag".
Step 6 -
Set iron to highest heat setting.
Dampen a piece of cheese cloth and place over the banner, careful not to jostle or move any pieces.
Place iron on banner, and evenly apply heat for 20 seconds to each fabric/Stitch Witchery/flag.
Step 6 -
Create letters for banner using a photo graphics/editing program. I used PicMonkey.
Follow directions included with the transfer paper and you should whiz through this step. Just be sure your transfer paper is inserted in your printer the correct way.
Step 7 -
Because there are several different types and brands of transfer paper available, be sure to closely follow directions regarding iron-on procedures.

Step 8 - (optional)
Using the twine, create bows to place as you see fit.

Stand back and enjoy your newly created, customized banner!
Cute, right?!

Banner Inspiration: Kathy Dudding


  1. So cute!! Can I hire you to come decorate for Emma's birthday parties for the next 20 years? I SUCK at crafty things.

  2. That is so cute! Seriously so creative...I love it! The best part is there is no hot glue gun involved...I always burn myself.

    Laura @ Mice in the Kitchen

  3. So cute! Love the idea of using burlap. It really adds a lot of texture/interest. LOVE.

  4. Well, Hello Martha Stewart!

    I am the worst at showers. I have zero creativity!

  5. I'd give anything to be crafty!
    It looks awesome

  6. You're the best, Des! -Tim

  7. You are indeed Martha Stewart! Love, love this!