Onesie "Cupcakes"

Rounding out the third and final installment of baby shower goodness are these adorable onesie "cupcakes."
To see how to make a personalized banner click >>here<<
To see how to make month by month onesies click >>here<<

After I finished the month by month onesies I had several plain, white onesies left. I didn't want to present the parents-to-be with boring old white onesies. Obviously I needed to add a little fun to something that is generally a bit bland.

Naturally I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration. I didn't need to look too far before I knew what to do with all the extra onesies. The "cupcake" idea was perfect!
Here's what you'll need:
Onesies - they can be any color
Baby socks
Cupcake liners - the bigger cupcake liners work a bit better than the regular size

How to (it's SO easy!):
Step one:
Have your onesie and baby sock ready to go.

Step two:
Fold in the arms and sides of the onesie.

Step three:
Fold the onesie in half, lengthwise, creating a long thin strip.

Step four:
Fold the sock and place it at either end of the folded onesie.

Step five:
Begin rolling up the onesie around the sock.

Step six:
Roll the onesie completely around the sock and secure the onesie together with a piece of tape.

Step seven:
Admire your cute little "cupcake."

Step eight:
Place your "cupcake" in its cupcake liner, and you're done. My liners just so happened to look like flowers. CUTE!

I couldn't help but think the "cupcakes" looked adorable sprinkled throughout the shower decorations!

Onesie "cupcake" inspiration: Chica Circle


  1. first off, I am in love with the banner! like that would seriously just be cute above M's bed (or the new bebe's crib!)
    second, Im lazy so I am totally going to buy the monthly onesie stickers off Etsy! ;)
    and I wish I would have seen these "cupcakes" for my SILs baby shower! too dang cute. and a great way to play up a simple gift!

  2. I actually have this pinned myself! Such a cute idea! And fun and easy to make! We've made a diaper cake before and oh my, headache! It took 3 of us (6 hands) to hold, tape, and arrange! But it was cute when finished, so worth the headache. :)

  3. You are too dang crafty! Come help me out!!!

  4. These are so cute! You should start your own party planning business...you are so crafty!

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

  5. Where were you when I was pregnant?

  6. ahh I don't even know what to say about this! You are a SAINT, woman! I read your email and have lots to respond with later tonight. ;)

  7. So freakin adorable! And now I'm craving cupcakes.