Progress Report - 4 Months

Our little man had his four month check-up yesterday. Last night was another brutal one. It's heartbreaking to hear my big guy cry in pain, and there's nothing more I can do but administer children's Tylenol and cool compresses, which never seem to be enough to soothe him.

Official Stats
Height - 27 inches (95th percentile)
Weight - 17 pounds (95th percentile)

The nurse also took it upon herself to weigh the car seat - 9 pounds, and my diaper bag - 6 pounds. Pretty much anytime I leave the house I'm toting an additional 32 pounds. With all this weight I'm lugging around why are my arms not sculpted to perfection??

The pediatrician gave the highest complement a stay-at-home mom can get, he referred to me as a "full-time mom." Love that phrase. Going to start using it. Staying at home with the little monkey, while incredibly rewarding, is the hardest job I've ever had.

This past week Marcus has been battling a cold. We're hoping the big guy returns to feeling better soon. We are all in need of better sleep.

Poor little monkey. Shots are no fun for anyone.
All tuckered out.
In other news, the little man has discovered his toes. YAY! More to come on that...


  1. Drew was 17 lbs and 7 oz at 4 months and they said it was only the 89th percentile! Who knows how accurate those curves really are. :) Glad he's doing so well and yeah for discovering his toes!