Speed Boat Races

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend was all about the Olympics.
Sunday we set out for Long Beach Marine Stadium to check out the Sprint Nationals speed boat races.
Ok, you're not sure what the heck speed boat racing has to do with the Olympics. Nothing. BUT, Marine Stadium was used for rowing events in the 1932 Summer Olympics.
These little boats cracked me up! They reminded me of jet skis, and sounds like mopeds. Not to steal any thunder from these zippy little boats, they were FAST and bounced along the water like you wouldn't believe. I was certain one of these boats would bounce up and fly away. Marcus seemed to enjoy the sound of these. When these boats went by us Marcus would peak out of the B.O.B. to catch a glimpse of the boats as they passed.
These boats were much bigger, much faster, and much louder! And, these weren't the biggest boats to race. Because these boats were so loud we didn't stay too long after the racing started. We didn't have ear plugs and didn't want to cause any hearing/ear damage to the little man. Similar to the little boats, these boats bounced and skipped along the water. I can only imagine what the biggest boats looked and sounded like!
Enjoying our sunny Sunday afternoon.
When the little man is a little bigger we'll head back to the races. With ear plugs.

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