Happy Marcus Monday!

A boy's best friend.
The fat lip gets to everyone, including Drake.
Marcus was having a rough morning. 
Drake was trying to make it all better.
Please forgive the poor photography. I was snapping away with one hand while dealing with a very wiggly and giddy infant.
Though the quality of the picture isn't the greatest, I just love the picture in the upper left. Drake and Marcus seem so inquisitive of each other.
Later in the afternoon Marcus couldn't get enough of Drake.
Drake is so good with Marcus, but Drake could only withstand about 10 minutes of the grabbing and pulling. After those 10 minutes Drake got up and moved to the totally opposite side of the room. 

And, in case  you missed this last week on my FB page, here's one of my favorite photos of the little monkey...
There was just too much going on for the little guy. Totally. Overwhelmed. 
Love him to pieces! 


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