Missing the Midwest

It might be the unusual humidity Southern California is experiencing right now (no thanks to the monsoon coming in from Arizona - blech), or maybe it's the fact that I stumbled upon these photos that I snapped while we were back. Whatever it may be, I'm missing the Midwest today.

If you've never spent anytime in the Midwest I'm sorry. I truly am. The people there are honest and genuine. The pace of living isn't fast, it isn't slow, it's comfortable. There isn't a better place to raise kids; I remember growing up running crazy around our neighborhood without a care in the world. Leaving your front door unlocked wasn't unusual, that was the norm. If it was super hot, or super cold outside, it was almost mandatory you ran into the local grocery store - known as HyVee - with your car doors unlocked, keys in the ignition, and still running. And let's not forget, the sweet corn is to. die. for.
The left photos, top & bottom: I could not WAIT to get out of the car and take a picture with Marcus with corn in the background.
Center top photo: An Iowa sunrise.
Center photo: WELCOME TO IOWA!!!
Center bottom photo: Storm clouds rolled in and gave us a nice little shower, complimented with thunder (something we rarely get in Souther California)!
Right photo: Beautiful row upon row of corn. 

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  1. Agree! Even though Ohio is kinda in the midwest, it's not my Kansas home!! :)