Five Months Old!

Unofficial Stats
Length: 29ish inches (above 95th percentile)
Weight:  20ish pounds - note: my scale has weighed Marcus heavier than the doctor (95th percentile)
Photos of the little man are really becoming fun. His personality is really starting to show.
What a ham!
What I've learned in the past month:
~ The little monkey has started to recognize and respond to his name.
~ Marcus seems to understand what his bottle is all about, and reaches for it, and tries to hold it while eating.
~ Just when I thought our man was figuring out the whole sleeping-through-the-night thing we're back to square one, and waking every two hours (I think the big guy is teething...).
~ Apparently, after four months you shouldn't swaddle your baby (this may be another reason why we're struggling with sleep these days).
~ My child has already displayed a very independent demeanor. Things could get interesting as he gets older.
~ Lying on the floor to play is no longer much fun.
~ When we are lying down toes and diapers (on or off, doesn't matter, he loves playing with his diapers) are some of the best forms of entertainment.
~ It's really quite amazing what we find in the neck folds at bath time. Kinda gross.
~ The jumparoo provides some entertainment, however, the little man would much rather have someone hold him up so he can "stand." We stand. A LOT.
~ Marcus has taken quite an interest in Drake lately.
~ The little man LOVES the pool. We try to get to the pool once a week, right before bath/bedtime.
~ There is so much more interaction between Marcus and Mommy and Daddy these days.
~ I'm pretty sure I've heard the world "hey" and "hi" come out of the little monkey's mouth.
~ Marcus has rolled over, all on his own, one time. However, the way he's been rolling from side to side I don't think it will be long before rolling over is a common occurrence.
~ I no longer look for the closest parking stall at any store. I look for the parking spot that is closest to the cart return, or has a rogue cart near it. I'm not about to truck all 32 pounds of baby/car seat/diaper bag into the store without a cart! I will park at the very back of the parking lot if it means there's a shopping cart near by.
Upper left: Na-na-na boo boo.   Upper right: The trademark lean.
Lower left: Thumb check   Lower right: Loves those feet!
Of course we had to have a photo with Drake. Look at those two!

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  1. Ok so that first picture he looks like your little twin! And in the last picture Drake's head looks MASSIVE!!!